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    Resources: 96 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    7th Generation Community Services Corporation
    Mohawk US - Southeast
    suggested nation: Upper Mohawk 7th Generation Community Services Corporation is a nonprofit organization founded by successful Native American business owners who now desire to use their expertise and experience helping Native American communities and individuals with their economic growth and expansion opportunities. 7th Generation’s philosophy, which is based on the traditional belief (of many tribes) that everything we do or say will continue to have an effect for seven generations, is reflected in our mission to work collaboratively with Native Americans to achieve their self-determined goals for economic and community growth.
    Aboriginal Rights Coalition of BC
      Canada - Western
    The Aboriginal Rights Coalition is a coalition of aboriginal organizations, the major churches of Canada, and local community groups. This web-site provides topical and historical information on aboriginal issues in British Columbia and Canada, including the BC treaty process, Supreme Court decisions such as Delgamuukw and Marshall, and local First Nations.
    More sites on arcbc.tripod.com
    Advocacy for Native Adoptees
    The Advocacy for Native Adoptees is an non-profit organization responsive to the needs of First Nations peoples, who as children were removed from their community and adopted or put in foster care in non-Native homes. We are committed to helping Native adoptees overcome personal identity crises, rediscovering their roots, and building links with their original community.
    Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians - Economic Development Corporation
      US - Northwest
    For over 40 years, ATNI has been an advocate for regional collaboration and communication between Northwest Indian Tribes. With over 50 member Tribes in a six-state region, ATNI created the ATNI Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in 1996 to develop programs that strengthen and expand regional cooperation between Northwest Indian Tribes related to expanding financial services and economic development to Northwest Indian Country.
    Allied Tsimshian Tribes Association
    Tsimshian Canada - Western
    Tsimshian history, Tsimshian Treaty process, Tsishian historical and new photographs.
    American Indian Center of South Carolina
      US - Southeast
    The American Indian Center of SC was established in March 1998 to serve the various needs of Native American residing within the states boundaries. We are a member in good standing of the SC Indian Affairs Commission and support their efforts for the tribes of this state.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Apoyo Tarahumara
    Tarahumara (Raramuri) Mexico
    Creating awareness of the environmental and human condition of the Tarahumara/Raramuri People and soliciting donations. Jose Rodriguez
    Appalachian Mountain Outreach
    Cherokee United States
    An organization working towards helping the elderly, children, and other native americans with food/household goods.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Arizona Indian Living Treasures Awards
      US - Southwest
    The goal of Arizona Indian Living Treasures Awards, Inc. is to recognize and to honor the lifetime achievements of senior Arizona American Indian artists. AILTA strives to educate both American Indian and non-Indian communities about the value and the need for continual awareness of these diverse and unique cultures as expressed through the visual and performing arts.
    Asociacion Investigadores en Lengua Quichua
    Quechua America - South
    A site on Santiago del Estero Quechua Language.
    Association of BC First Nations Treatment Programs
      Canada - Western
    Our Mission Statement: "To provide a forum for BC First Nations Treatment Programs that promote excellance and innovation in treatment programming."
    Association of Community Tribal School
    Sioux US - West
    To assist Community Tribal Schools towards their mission of ensuring that when students complete their schools they are prepared for lifelong learning and that these students will strengthen and perpetuate traditional tribal societies.
    ATAYAL - The worldwide voice of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan
    The worldwide voice of the indigenous tribes of Formosa. ATAYAL, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing a "voice" for the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. (Formosa)
    More sites on www.atayal.org
    Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
    An independent, national network of mainly non-Indigenous organisations and individuals working in support of justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. ANTaR receives no grants from Federal or State governments and is non-party-political. ANTaR has a close and unique working relationship with Indigenous leaderships. ANTaR's purpose has always been to support Indigenous people speaking for themselves, rather than to speak for Indigenous people.
    Calgary Aboriginal Arts Awareness Society, CAAAS
      Canada - Western
    CAAAS is a Calgary based Arts Awareness Society dedicated to celebrating and promoting Native Artists and their work, in all disciplines, mentoring youth, and hosting Native Awareness Week in the city of Calgary.
    More sites on www.cadvision.com
    Canku Luta (Red Road, Inc.)
    Lakota US - Northwest
    Canku Luta (Red Road, Inc.) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which promotes the social welfare of American Indians through education and direct services. Services include providing healthy, wholesome foods to low-income families, materials for home repairs, heating fuel, and opportunities for self-employment. Canku Luta provides education to the general public through its newsletters and through speakers who are full-blood grassroots American Indian leaders.
    More sites on www.canku-luta.org
    Center for World Indigenous Studies
    The Center for World Indigenous Studies has had a web site for many years. We are most proud of our Chief George Manuel Memorial library on our website. This library houses over 600 full text documents by, on or about indigenous peoples or issues important to indigenous peoples. CWIS is an Indian led organization dedicated to the wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of Fourth World Peoples, and the social, economic, and political realities of their nations.
    More sites on www.cwis.org
    Committee to Combat Cherokee Frauds
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    CCCF website contains a number of articles on Cherokee traditions, a helpful fraud-index that analyzes Cherokee bands that are federally acknowledged, state acknowledged, non- recognized applicants for federal, non-recognized not seeking acknowledgement; and a Frauds Wall of Shame.
    Comunidad Tawantinsuyu
    Quechua America - South
    A peruvian non-profit organization that defends the rights of the indigenous people from South America, the traditional medicine, the culture and the environment of the Andean people.
    Cortez Cultural Center
      US - Southwest
    The Center's mission is "to provide a forum for the community’s educational, cultural, artistic and scientific interests. We are a catalyst for cultural respect, continuity and innovation".
    Cultural Heritage and Education Institute
    Athabascan US - Alaska
    Website for the Cultural Heritage and Education Institute in Fairbanks, AK. The Cultural Heritage and Education Institutes’ mission is threefold- to Share, Educate and Restore; share Athabascan cultural knowledge and skills, educate youth and adults on how to be sober productive participants in native Athabascan and non-native western cultures and restore the spiritual site of Old Minto and the history of a past village.
    More sites on www.ankn.uaf.edu
    Delaware County Inter-tribal Youth Council
      US - Southwest
    The Delaware County Inter-tribal Youth Council is a youth oriented organization which teaches youth arts and crafts, pow-wow and stomp-dance styles of singing, drumming, dancing and regalia making as well as mentor and tutor. We hold an annual pow-wow each April and award scholarships.
    Dialogue For Life: First Nations & Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec and Labrador
      Canada - Eastern
    The First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec (FNISPAQ) is a non-profit Aboriginal organization and has its head office situated in Wemontaci. The Association exists since November 2, 2001(Section III of the Company Act, licence 1160414943). The Association has more than three hundred members from First Nations and Inuit from across Quebec. Its mission is to participate in the group efforts aimed at contributing to the well being and balance of the lives of Aboriginal people of Quebec.
    Eastern Missouri All Nations American Indian Council
      US - Central
    E.M.A.N.A.I.C. is a 501c3 located in Eastern Missouri. The goals of our organization are to provide local events, education and support for the American Indian Coummunitty in the St. Louis Metro area. Our plan is to provide a center to serve as a place to gather for our Children and Elders, hold events and provide a means of education along with a support system for the many Tribes represented in the Metro area.
    Expanding Opportunities
    Expanding Opportunities has six projects: Artisan support project with two ecommerce sites for indigenous art, crafts and clothing; Street Children Project; Friends Across the Ocean; Books for Kenya; Distance Learnign and STEMS.
    Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents Association
      Canada - Western
    Children's Caregivers suggested nation: All Aboriginal Peoples suggested location: British Columbia We are here 'to provide a collective voice for all ABoriginal Foster Parents and to promote Aboriginal Fostering throughout British Columbia, Canada.
    First Peoples Worldwide
    Mission of First Peoples Worldwide is to create an indigenous controlled international organization that advocates for indigenous self-governance and assists in the delivery of culturally appropriate economic development. The goals of First Peoples Worldwide are: To assist with financial and technical resources in order to strengthen and facilitate indigenous-controlled, culturally appropriate development projects, programs and intermediaries; To facilitate and foster equitable environmental, legal and economic participation for indigenous peoples; To create an information clearinghouse and mutual self-help database called the Indigenous Network for Global Linkages (INGL); and To advocate for indigenous self-governance.
    Fourth World Association Sweden
      Europe & Russia
    Fourth World Association Sweden works for indigenous peoples souvereignity rights and rights to their own land and culture. We co-operate with Saami People organisations in Sweden and indigenous peoples organisations around the World.
    Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation
      US - Southwest
    The Gabrielino Tongva Indians are the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin. The Tongva Springs site (University High School and vicinity) was once a thriving self contained village site and home of the Tongva people. It is the goal of the Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation to work together with the community to preserve and protect one of the last natural historical landmarks and sacred sites of our people. It is the goal of the Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation to work together with the community to preserve and protect the Kuruvungna Springs (located on the University High School campus). This historic landmark is one of the last sacred sites of the Gabrielino Tongva People.
    Global Volunteer Network
    Volunteer in community projects worldwide; programs include environmental work in the Amazon, AIDS education in Uganda, and school and community maintenance in Nepal.
    More sites on www.volunteer.org.nz
    Apache US - Southwest
    A service organization, we link individuals to different groups within their communities for various physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. We also provide many other online services.
    Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians Information Network
    Odawa US - Northeast
    This is an information network for Grand River Odawa. We are currently seeking federal re-affirmation. For information, treaties, tribal talk, family history etc. we are here for you.
    Hope For Haiti!
    Carib US - Northeast
    Describes the efforts of the organization to help the people of Haiti.
      America - South
    Website of the Brazilian Indigenous Institute for Intellectual Property - INBRAPI, creted after the Letter of Sao Luiz. The INBRAPI seeks - planning a timetable for participation in events and training courses, designed to enhance the relevant vocational training of indigenous peoples, establishing co-operation with universities, national and international government bodies, and also indigenous entities for the development of mechanisms for defence and protection of traditional knowledge, and creating a permanent area to act as a reference point for communities in relation to their requests for the protection of the Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Communities.
    More sites on www.inbrapi.org.br
    Intercultural Leadership Initiative
    Ojibwe US - Northeast
    Located in Wisconsin, The focus of the Intercultural Leadership Initiative (ILI) is to help reduce racial tensions among high school youth in the Lakeland region of northern Wisconsin by promoting cultural tolerance and understanding through inter-cultural experiences at the grade school level. This is a proactive program which encourages elementary-aged Native American students and non-Native students to explore issues of race and cultural diversity.
    International Committee for the Indigenous PeopleS of the Americas
    The International Committee for the Indigenous PeopleS of the Americas (INCOMINDIOS Switzerland) is an organization founded by Native Americans and Swiss citizens with the declared goal of assisting the native peoples of North, Central and South America morally and materially in their struggle for political, economic and cultural sovereignty.
    International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management
      US - West
    The International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management is a non-profit corporation established to assist Indian tribes and other indigenous peoples in the sustainable utilization, management, development and conservation of their natural resources and protection of their environment.
    James Byrd jr. foundation for racial healing
    The Byrd Foundation is determined to fight racial hatred of any kind through education. Public enlightenment and participation is our strongest weapon against hate. Therefore, the Byrd Foundation’s mission is to promote racial healing and fight hate crimes of any kind.
    Keepers of the Circle
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    American Indian Cultural Center: museum, gift shop, classrooms and programs to preserve and educate others about American Indian culture.
    Kerry Ketchum
      US - Southwest
    NAFB's mission is to distribute food to thousands of Arizona's most impoverished including the Native American populations. In conjunction with social service agencies, churches, civic and hunger relief organizations, NAFB is determined to wipe out malnutrition and hunger.
    Lone Wolf United Indian Tribal Association
    Cherokee United States
    Lone Wolf United Indian Assn. is a non profit native site dedicated to the protection, preservation and education of the Cherokee people in northern Indiana.
    More sites on skyenet.net
    Long Soldier International-Pine Ridge Support Page
    Sioux United States
    Long Soldier created this Pine Ridge Support Page to make the world aware of the inhuman problems of his people, the Oglala Lakota. This page has been created to help and support the needy people on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
    More sites on www.longsoldier-international.com
      US - Northeast
    Mettanokit is a non-profit learning center and service organization working for a more human society based on the old values of cooperation and equality and the closeness and caring found in our elder tribal societies. Part of our program is offering Native circles in prisons.
      US - Southeast
    Columbia South Carolina's intertribal group. Offering support and information for and about Native Americans around S.C.
    More sites on www.powwows.com
    Berber Africa
    Nabuur is an online non-governmental organization that helps villages around the world. Imhilen, Morrocco, is where Amazigh people, the oldest of Africa, live. We try to give books for a library for primary school children.
    Maya America - Central
    NamasteDirect funds microcredit loans in several areas of Guatemala for indigenous Mayan women. It also participates in a scholarship program for the borrowers' children. The motto of NamasteDirect is "Ending Poverty One Loan at a Time".
    National Indian Youth Leadership Project
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Our emphasis is on Youth Leadership, Service-Learning, and outdoor experiencial activities. We serve thousands of youth, mostly in Gallup and the Navajo Nation.
    National Native American Veterans Association
      United States
    The mission of the Native American Veterans Association is to educate and assist Native American Veterans without regard to tribal affiliation, degree of Indian blood, branch of Armed Service or combat status with regard to Veterans Rights, Benefits and Entitlements.
    Native American Cultural Society
      US - Southeast
    The Native American Cultural Society (NACS) is a non-profit 501(c)3, community oriented organization made up of native and non-native people. The purpose of NACS is to promote understanding, acceptance and practice of Native American culture through education, social interaction, and cultural events.
    Native American Educatioal Association of Tennessee
    suggested nation: A combination of several persons and nations NAEA is a non profit organization comprised of Native Americans from various cultural backgrounds who strive to educate others about Native culture and history and to inform them of current issues concerning Native people.
    More sites on hometown.aol.com
    Native American Leadership Institute
      US - Northwest
    An emerging nonprofit organization in Southern Oregon. Our mission is to facilitate more role models/leaders in Indian Country specifically in the fields of business, public health and communications. Our annual event, the Emigrant Lake Powwow is July 13-14, 2002. We are an urban-Indian organization committed to bringing Indians together in a community spirit and to build a positive future together for Native peoples.
    Native Council of PEI
    Mi'kmaw Canada - Eastern
    Most of the members of the Native Council of Prince Edward Island (PEI) descend from the original Mic'maq people who inhabited the Island for untold centuries. They were an independent and powerful people who thrived in this rich land by hunting, fishing, gathering, and trading with other aboriginal nations. Today, NCPEl dedicates itself to continue this tradition through our own form of self-government for the Metis, Non-status and status Indians living off-reserve on Prince Edward Island.
    Native Friendship Centre of Montreal
    The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM) is a non-profit, non sectarian, autonomous community development agency whose principal mission is to promote, develop and enhance the quality of life of the urban Aboriginal community of Montreal.
    More sites on www.schoolnet.ca
    Native Planet
    Indigenous Cultures: Documentaries and Preservation. Native Planet features informative text illustrated with beautiful photography. Our goals: Produce engaging, educational internet documentaries of native cultures. Promote autonomous, sustainable cultural tourism. Consult with local villages. Donation program to Indigenous villages in need. Promotion of small local NGOs.
    Native Sisters Wichita, KS
      US - Central
    We are an Organization of Native Women who are supporting the social and economic growth of the Native American community at the Mid-American All Indian Center in Wichita KS the site lists Community events through the center and also has a Native graphics page.
    Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation
    Onondaga US - Northeast
    Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON) is a grassroots organization of Central New Yorkers which recognizes and supports the sovereignty of the traditional government of the Onondaga Nation. It is a program of the Syracuse Peace Council. NOON supports the right of native peoples to reclaim land, and advocates for fair settlement of any claims which are filed.
    New England Native American Calendar
    Narragansett US - Northeast
    The New England Native American Calendar is a 32 page calendar is full of photographs and biographies of well known and interesting members in today's New England Native Community.
    Nipmuc Indian Development Corporation
    Nipmuc US - Northeast
    The mission of the Nipmuc Indian Development Corporation is to assist with the revitalization of the Nipmuc Indian community through the promotion and provision of culturally-appropriate economic and community development programs.
    Nishnawbe Aski Nation Peer Helping Program
      Canada - Northern
    Nishnawbe Aski Nation Peer Helping Program. This program provides Peer Helper Training to the youth communities. Information on Peer Helping and excellent links, resources are included on this site.
    More sites on www.nan.on.ca
    North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP)
    Mission Statement: To gather and produce document and disseminate information about the contemporary situations of indigenous peoples and issues. To give funding guidance in areas of basic health care, HIV/Aids, sanitation, Safe water drinking, and child care to the indigenous population. To educate the indigenous peoples about environment degradation and its preventive measures. (... more mission statement on the website)
    Odawa Native Friendship Centre - Ottawa, Ontario
    Odawa Canada - Eastern
    Odawa Native Friendship Centre 12 Stirling Ave., Ottawa, Ontario , K1Y 1P8 (613) 722-3811 Fax: (613)722-4667 For over two decades now, Odawa's volunteers, Board of Directors, committee members and staff have worked diligently to ensure that we positively effect the quality of life for aboriginal people in the Canada's Capital region.
    Oneida United States
    The Oneidas for Democracy are the Oneida People who peacefully uphold the traditional values of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy). The Onyota'a:ka - “People of the Standing Stone” have endured many hardships over the past few generations as they have struggled to maintain their status as Haudenosaunee.
    More sites on www.oneidasfordemocracy.org
    Rain Rez
      US - Southeast
    Collects and distributes items to Native americans in Need. Also runs Native 911 online
    Red Andina Nórdica Tinku
    Quechua America - South
    TINKU es una expresión Aymara-kechwa que significa un enfretamiento de poderes antagónicos y complementarios; un diálogo de caracteres, de sentimientos, de fuerzas, de experiencias y de concepciones. Un encuentro físico, ideológico, intelectual integral con la esencia cultural de los pueblos originarios. Una verdadera expresión de interculturalidad entre de los países andinos y los países nórdicos.
    More sites on www.kaapeli.fi
    Red Feather Development Group
    The Red Feather Development Group is a nonprofit organization established in 1994 to provide and rehabilitate homes for American Indian elders living in desperate poverty on reservations throughout the United States.
    RedNation, Inc.
      United States
    RedNation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Teaching and Learning organization, whose goals are to educate youth and adult alike, in Traditional Native American Indian Cultures and Values, with Spiritual ideals focused on Spiritual Self Growth.
    Redwire Online
      Canada - Western
    Vancouver's Online voice for Native Youth
    Rhode Island Indian Council
      US - Northeast
    A private, non-profit agency established in Providence in 1975 that promotes the social, economic, and cultural well-being of all tribal communities in Rhode Island, the agency is governed and staffed primarily by Native Americans. Our constituents include over 5,600 Indians in Rhode Island and Connecticut, each representing more than fifty tribes.
    Pehuenche America - South
    Accion e informacio por la lucha del pueblo indigena Pehuenche y las tierras del Alto Biobio en Chile
    Sheep is Life
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Diné bé'iina', Inc. The Navajo Lifeway Sheep is Life presents two days of workshops, information, and action plans for sustainable land use and livestock production on the Navajo Nation. Organized by Diné bé’iina’, Inc., a nonprofit organization, Sheep is Life will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MDT) on Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20, at Diné College in Tsaile, Arizona, Navajo Nation. Events are free and open to the public; programs are in English and Navajo.
    Sioux YMCA
    Lakota US - Central
    Established by Lakota men in 1879 and a member of the national organization,YMCA of the USA, The Sioux YMCA serves children and families on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. We will also launch our Arts & Crafts Project website in 2006. Wopila, for your consideration of our site(s).
    Southeast Kituwah Nation
    Cherokee United States
    The U ganawvkalvgvKituwah Ayeli is a non-federally recognized tribal entity. We are not affiliated with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the Qualla Boundary, or the United Keetoowah Bands. We have banded together to form a traditional Tsalagi Band. Our primary purpose is to preserve, protect, and practice our traditions and religion and the preservation and speaking of our language.
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Southwest Indian Foundation
      US - Southwest
    SWIF sells native American arts and crafts to benefit native elderly, handicapped, and families with dependent children.
    More sites on www.cia-g.com
    Sun Eagle's Native Children/Families Sponsoring Program
    Powhatan US - Southeast
    We are a native couple living on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation in the beautiful tidewater area of Virginia. Our reservation is one of the oldest in this country, located near Richmond and Williamsburg. We administer this program as a give-away from our home, independent of our Tribal Government. For the past eleven years we have been helping needy Indian children and families in Virginia, South Dakota, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana and Wyoming.
    Survival por los pueblos indígenas
    This is the spanish office of the international organization Survival. Have the central office in London (www.survival-international.org). Also there are offices in France and Italy. Works in campaigns and support for the indigenous people from all the planet. thanks,
    More sites on www.eurosur.org
    Sustainable Communities / ZERI - NM
    Pueblo US - Southwest
    We initiate sustainable development projects that protect and enhance the environment and natural resources while strengthening the social, economic, and cultural fabric of small communities in New Mexico and on the US/Mexico border.
    Swedish American Indian Association
      Europe & Russia
    Swedish American Indian Association was formed in 1968. The aim of this association is to support native people by varous means, to spread knowledge and to act against racism. We are a non-profit member organization. The homepage is in swedish and english.
    Tairona Heritage Studies Centre
    Kogi America - South
    Information about the Kogi made available by the Centre, which is the host of the Tairona Heritage Trust, a charitable foundation for the benefit of the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Trust works to an agenda set by Gonawindua Tairona, the organsiation that represnts the "Mamas" (indigenous priests) of the Sierra.
    Tennessee Native Veterans Society
      US - Southeast
    An Intertribal Organization of men and women volunteers to honor and assist Native American Veterans. We will act as a contact between the Native Community and VA Health Services and other agencies to promote awareness of medical and spiritual needs as well as educate others as to the cultural differences.
    More sites on home.earthlink.net
    The Cheyenne River Youth Project
    Lakota US - Central
    Youth Center on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Daily operation of the youth center, plus special events and programming.
    More sites on lakotayouth.org
    The Cultural Conservancy - Creating Cooperation Through Understanding
      US - West
    The Cultural Conservancy is a Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of indigenous cultures and their ancestral lands. We are a research, education, and advocacy organization. We provide mediation, legal, information referral, and audio recording services. We also produce educational programs and materials and technical trainings on Native land conservation and land rights, cultural and ecological restoration, and traditional indigenous arts and spiritual values.
    The Fannie Lou Hamer Project
      United States
    The Fannie Lou Hamer Project is a part of a national grassroots movement that connects the history of earlier voting and civil rights struggles to the ongoing struggle for campaign finance reform. The Project serves as a vehicle for communities of color to engage in campaign finance initiatives.
    The Peoples of The World Foundation
      US - Northeast
    The Peoples of The World Foundation exists to bring education to the world's minority peoples by providing education, in words and pictures, about them.
    The Rainforest Foundation, UK
      Europe & Russia
    The Rainforest Foundation work's to support indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world’s rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil their rights to land and livelihood.
    Akwesasne US - Northeast
    Our non-profit organization is based on the Haudenosaunee principles of the Great Law of Peace. Our organization encourages environmental and cultural education and strives to encourage peaceful coexistence within our communities through cross cultural dialogue.
    United Confederation of Taino People
    Taino Caribbean Islands
    The United Confederation of Taino People is represented throughout the Caribbean and the United States. Offical newsletter and registration information online,
    More sites on www.uctp.org
    United Khmer Krom
    The United Khmer Krom Non-profit organization is established to serve the Indigenous Khmer Krom people now living in Northern California.
    United San Antonio Pow Wow
      US - Southwest
    United San Antonio Powwow, Inc. is a Texas nonprofit-chartered organization - 501(c)(3) Federal recognition whose purpose is to promote the traditions and culture of the American Indian in the most positive manner possible. Provide Indian people the opportunity to participate, practice, teach, and exchange tribal traditions among all tribes. Enlighten the non-Indian about the history and culture of America's first inhabitants. Dispel stereotypes created about the American Indian. Develop instructional materials on Indian history and culture for an educational booklet to be published at our annual powwow. To work with other organizations in doing presentations on the Native American culture.
    UNORCA: La Unión Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autónomas
    La Unión Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autónomas, UNORCA: representación campesina e indigena, de amplia participación social, de lucha y de trabajo.
    More sites on www.unorca.org.mx
    UNORCA: National Union of Autonomous Regional Farming Organizations
    UNORCA (National Union of Autonomous Regional Farming Organizations) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Mexican campesino and indigenous farming organizations.
    More sites on www.unorca.org.mx
    Mohawk Canada
    Waseskun House, incorporated in 1988, is a charitable, non-profit and non-political organization that operates the first and only totally Native community residential center (CRC) in the province of Quebec for First Nations men.
    More sites on www.waseskun.net
    Web of Life Enterprises
      United States
    Web of Life Enterprise seeks to bring some justice and comfort to those who are suffering on the Indian reservations in South Dakota. Money, goods and services are all required to bring change there, to better the housing, to bring warm clothing and blankets to the elderly, to provide boots and coats to children in a place where winter seems to begin just only after it has ended. Your contribution of money or of the goods that are so hard to come by in these often remote places will not only alleviate discomfort but can also provide the means for the people on these reservations to work towards bettering the future for their children. Deliveries are FREE to the recipients. Thank you for your generosity.
    Wigwamen Incorporated
    Wigwamen Incorporated is an Aboriginal owned and operated, non-profit housing Corporation located in the City of Toronto.
    Woihanble Yuwita Habitat for Humanity
    Sioux United States
    Volunteers helping to build decent affordable housing for people in need on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
    Wolakota Foundation
    Lakota US - Central
    Wolakota Foundation is a grassroots non-profit organization emerging from the needs of traditional Lakota (Dakota/Nakota) people to maintain their cultural and spiritual lifeways for the sake of future generations. It is the outgrowth of the annual World Peace and Prayer Day celebrations begun in 1996 by Chief Arvol Looking Horse.
    Yosemite Indian Coalition
      US - West
    Committed to ending the desecration conducted by the National Park Service towards the Yosemite Indian.

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