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    Name and DescriptionNationLocation
    Agustin Lira & musical group Alma
    Aztec (Nahua) United States
    Alma is an all acoustic ensemble that brings to life the Chicano/Latino experience through musical presentations. It features original compositions by Lira and presents works by authors from throughout Latin America, and employs musical styles prevalent in Mexican, Latin American, American, and Afro-Cuban cultures.
    Quarterly of the Sami Siida of North America. Online archives, issues index and subscription information.
    Bone Tool Replicas
    Combs, needles, dice, and other tools.
    Centro Cultural Ñañhu Mbithe
    The Mbithe Ñañhu Cultural Center was established to help preserve and promote the culture of the Ñañhu community of San Pablito in Puebla, Mexico. Members have not only held classes in guitar, woodburning, screenprinting, painting for children and other arts, they have been active in the area of community development projects
    Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants
    a New York City area organization
    Fiber Resources Page
    General Information & Coming Events / Dyeing / Fibers / Guilds and Associations / Commercial Sites / Fiber Processors / Publications / Retail and/or Mail Order Shops / Suppliers and Manufacturers / Other Commercial Sites.
    Photographs from Sierra Leone, Angola, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia, taken in 2002, which show the strength and resilience of people suffering from war, hunger and poverty.
    A photographic journey with China many ethnic minority groups throughout the country
    Port Gamble Indian Community of the Port Gamble Reservation, Washington
    S'Klallam US - Northwest
    The Port Gamble S'Klallam Reservation consists of 1340 acres of Federal Trust land. There is no private land ownership on the reservation. As federal trust land, the reservation is subject to applicable federal laws and regulations and tribal law.
    Sami Siida of North America
    Sami Europe & Russia
    A confederation of regional organizations with members who share the heritage of the Sami culture of Northern Scandinavia, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula. Substantial English language source of information about the Sami. An array of links and resources on Sami culture, and a quarterly publication with online archives, news, and a blog.
    San Pablito, Comunidad Ñañhu
    San Pablito is a Ñañhu (or Otomí) community in the breath-taking Northern Sierra of the state of Puebla in Mexico. This town is best known for the production of Amate paper, a handmade bark paper that was used for recording the Mexica (Aztec) codexes.
    Tennessee Native Veterans Society
      US - Southeast
    An Intertribal Organization of men and women volunteers to honor and assist Native American Veterans. We will act as a contact between the Native Community and VA Health Services and other agencies to promote awareness of medical and spiritual needs as well as educate others as to the cultural differences.
    United American Indians of New England (UAINE)
      US - Northeast
    UAINE is a Native-led organization of Native people and our supporters who fight back against racism and for the freedom of Leonard Peltier and other political prisoners. We support Indigenous struggles, not only in New England but throughout the Americas. We fight back on such issues as the racism of the Pilgrim mythology perpetuated in Plymouth.

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