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Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
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    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
      United States
    Profiles nations of the world and the people that make up those nations. Over 1,400 pages of content.
    Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States
      United States
    The North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), one of the oldest vexillological associations in the world, welcomes you to its official "Home Page"! We hope you enjoy the unusual topic selected for our first presentation. We believe it to be unique on the Web, a noteworthy achievement in itself.
    Indianetzone free encyclopedia on India with thousands of articles on various subjects related to India
    NativeWiki is a project of NativeWeb to allow users to contribute information on Indigenous peoples around the world.
    Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya
    Since the arrival of the Europeans in Kenya in the mid-nineteenth century, the traditional cultures of Kenya's tribes have been undergoing a period of massive - and often devastating - change. This website is a non-profit multimedia encyclopaedia dedicated to Kenya's people: twelve of a planned forty Kenyan tribes are currently covered in detail, each with extensive sections covering their history (both written and oral), society and customs, way of life, religion and cosmological beliefs, fables and legends, riddles and proverbs, and - of course - music and dance. The 500 pages of text (a fraction of the two thousand projected for 2006) are accompanied by over 250 photographs and seven hours of streamable music in OGG format.

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