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    Resources: 6 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    The California Indian Library Collections has collected, duplicated, assembled, and shipped more than 11,000 textual documents, nearly 25,000 photographs, and over 3,400 audio tapes. There is reward and satisfaction in having prepared over 17,000 manuscript pages for finding guides to the collections and publishing these in 44 volumes. Now a Native Californian in a remote area of northern California may find a photograph of his or her grandmother or hear, for the first time, his grandfather sing or tell a story. Researchers in rural areas are using the collections for legal defense as well as research material for documentation of an important period in California history.
    More sites on www.mip.berkeley.edu
    Bibliographies & Guides on the Native Americans
      US - West
    One of the most important, but least used, tools of research is the published bibliography on the same subject. Using this type of reference source will often enable a researcher to utilize the work already completed by someone else, thereby speeding up and improving the quality of work being done.
    Compiled by the University of Southern California Library Information Services Division.
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    Bibliography for Studies of American Indians in and Around Rhode Island
    Narragansett US - Northeast
    Comprehensive listing of 1,048 bibliographical works for studies of Native Peoples in and around Rhode Island, from 16th - 21st century, dealing with history, archeology, linguistics; companion vol. To "American Indian place names in Rhode Island"
    More sites on www.rootsweb.com
    Bibliography of Native American Literature Resources
      US - Northeast
    Compiled by the University of Michigan School of Information for the Internet Public Library.
    More sites on www.ipl.org
    Lumbee Bibliography Online
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    Extensive online resource for research on Lumbee tribe of North Carolina and related matters.
    Shoshone Bibliography
    Shoshone US - Southwest
    More sites on www.mip.berkeley.edu

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