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    Resources: 21 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Affordable Native American Flutes and Flute Kits
    Cherokee US - Northwest
    Ancient Vision Native American Flutes by traditional native american flute maker, Charles Littleleaf. Offered exclusively through this site... traditional "Eagle Flute Series" native american flutes, handcrafted in 400 year old cedar, for the flute collector or recording artist. Littleleaf, native american flute maker, and Native American artist, in music, bronze and various other art media, is now creating stunning, precisely tuned quality Native American flutes for you to enjoy. The number one recommended native american musical instrument for spiritual meditation and healing release. Gallery Flute Portfolio included. A healing remedy... spiritual, theraputic, meditational woodwind instruments.
    All Native Drums
      US - Southeast
    Custom built Pow Wow drums and hand drums by Walking Bear 'The United Cherokee Nation' (UCN)
    Ancient Vision Flutes
    Blackfeet US - Northwest
    Native American flutes, handcrafted by Charles Littleleaf, in old growth cedar, dating back over 400 years. Collectors encouraged. Online Gallery Flute Portfolio available.
    More sites on www.littleleaf.com
    Ojibwe Canada - Northern
    Nicickousemenecaning F.N. Bawaajige designs and creates artistic Drum Stick bags for the Native American Drum singer.
    Didgeridoo | iDIDJ Australia
    Yolngu Australia
    iDIDJ Australia is partnered with UNESCO in seeking to preserve the cultural integrity of the didgeridoo in the face of globalisation and commercial exploitation.
    Digeridoo University - learn to play the digeridoo!
      Pacific - South
    Werte Marda. That is hello and welcome in Arrernte. I would like to welcome you to our website on how to play a didgeridoo. My name is Paul. My skin name is Ngala and I am the Manager of the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre located here in Alice Springs. I would like to welcome you to our website on how to play a didgeridoo.
    More sites on aboriginalart.com.au
    Drum Making
    There are so many different ways to go about building drums. One person's experience with Hand Drum Construction.
    Drumming and Drum Philosophy
    Prepared by Judith Desjarlais with information from David Ratray - Fort Nelson Aboriginal Project
    Fretwell Flutes
    In 16 years together Jerry and Lisa Fretwell have discovered that the real adventure is finding the many ways opposites can compliment each other. A little of both of us goes into each one of our flutes.
    High-Eagle Trading Post
    Dakota Canada
    Traditional Dakota Sioux Native Hand Drums & Beaded Peyote Stitch Drum Sticks.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Lokhota Flutes
    Lakota US - Northwest
    Origional Hand CraftedLakota Flutes.
    Oneida Indian Nation - Culture & History - Shako:wi Cultural Center - Rattles Exhibit
    Oneida US - Northeast
    Rattles are one of the types of traditional Iroquois musical instruments whose use continues today without change in the way they are made and used. In contrast to movie depictions of other North American Indians, gathered about a booming drum, Iroquois rattles combine rhythm and percussion elements and maintain the dimension of group participation.
    More sites on oneida-nation.net
    Oregon Flute Store
      US - Northwest
    The Professional Choice For Native American Style Flutes, Protective Flute and Drum Cases, Books, Music and Accessories.
    Orenda Creations-Native American Flutes, Buffalo and Wood Spirit Jewelry
    Mohawk Canada
    Native American Flutes for spiritual healing and wellness. Authentic museum quality native creations and jewelry from the Spirit of the Buffalo and Wood. Playing charts and flute bags.
    Sacred Cedar Productions - American Indian Flute Music
    Melodic, romantic, mesmerizing, and mysterious; the Red Cedar Flute of the American Indian dates back in time before the coming of Columbus to America. The first known flute player appears on rock carvings throughout the southwest United States. This colorful character with a hump on his back was known as Kokopelli and his Mystic Flute.
    Searching Bear Flutes
      US - Northeast
    Native American Flutes. Searching Bear Flutes offer a variety of handcrafted custom made native american style wood flutes by owner/craftsman Michael Searching Bear Smallridge. Concert and recording quality. Keeping my native heritage alive by creating Native American Wood Flutes.
    Stroud Flutes
    Native american style flutes, and related items, recordings.
    Tachini Drums
    Custom handmade Native American drums from $68. Many sizes, diameters & depths. Hand drums, Powwow drums, & stickgame drums. Heads are elk rawhides also available are buffalo, moose or horse hide
    Treesong Flutes
    Michigan Heiloom quality flutes of hand carved quality. Aztec/Apache heritage.
    Turtle Island Arts
    Turtle Island Arts is a traveling Native American Indian art gallery featuring Native American flutes, drums, and flute music by Mark Barfoot.
    Ute US - Southwest
    Native american music and handcrafted flutes. Done by the artist himself Aaron White. Northern Ute/Dine who lives in Flagstaff, AZ and is a singer/songwriter, who formed the group Burning Sky and Skychasers. All of his music is available on the site.

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