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    Resources: 9 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Algonkuin Players Theatre Company
      US - Northeast
    We hope to be able to bridge the gap of understanding of Native American culture, by also producing plays by and about Native Americans. Since we are a multi-cultural group, with our roots in Native America, we will be presenting plays from many cultures, not limiting ourselves.
    More sites on hometown.aol.com
    Coatlicue Theater Company
    Chichimeca Mexico
    After establishing independent careers working in Off-Broadway, Broadway theatre, television and film throughout the 1970s and '80s, Elvira Colorado and Hortensia Colorado joined together in New York City in 1988 to form Coatlicue Theater Company. Named in honor of the Aztec deity of the earth and creation. The company was formed with a dual purpose, seeking to explore and assert thir Mexican Indigenous identity, as well as to provide a voice for those experiences wihich are for the most part, all together absent from mainstream media.
    Native American Playwrights
    Kiowa United States
    This Web Site provides research information and an alpha listing of Native American Playwrights and Native Theatre.
    More sites on www.haskell.edu
    Native Earth Performing Arts Inc.
    Canada's Premier Aboriginal Theatre Company Ontario
    More sites on webhome.idirect.com
    Native Earth Performing Arts Inc.
    Canada's Premier Aboriginal Theatre Company Ontario
    More sites on webhome.idirect.com
    Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company Web Site
    Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company Inc. (SNTC) is a unique non-profit performing arts and culture organization that was incorporated January 21, 1999. SNTC strives to educate and promote the richness and diversity of Aboriginal cultures through its program development and implementation. SNTC's mandate is to create, develop, produce and present innovative cultural and artistic experiences that develop and promote the richness and diversity of Aboriginal artists and cultures.
    Sen'klip Native Theatre Company
      Canada - Western
    Through the media of theatre, Sen'klip strives to pass the values, the traditions, and the knowledge of the past to the generations of tomorrow. Combining both traditional storytelling with the artistic freedom of contemporary theatre, the company takes this innovative method of teaching to the elementary schools of British Columbia, giving the Native youth a chance to show with pride, the culture that is uniquely theirs.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble
    Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble was founded in 1999 with the comittment to bringing Native women's stories to the stage. Veteran theatre artists Jani Lauzon, Monique Mojica and Michelle St. John have won over critics and audiences with their first original play, THE SCRUBBING PROJECT - a courageous exploration of racism, tradition and memory using vaudeville as a madcap metaphor for navigating identity.
    Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre
    Nyoongar Australia
    Website of Australia's leading Aboriginal Theatre Company. Based in the heart of the Noongar Nation in the South-West of Western Australia, Yirra Yaakin is the Aboriginal communities response to self-determination through artistic outcomes.

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