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    Resources: 15 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Single Window Initiative
    This initiative is intended to provide one-stop-shop service to organizations and individuals (First Nations, Inuit and Metis Canadians) who need access to government funded Aboriginal programs, to make information about these programs easier to obtain, and to foster improved cooperation and information sharing between the various levels of government and Aboriginal organizations.
    Administration for Native Americans (ANA)
    The Administration for Native Americans (ANA) promotes the goal of social and economic self-sufficiency of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other Native American Pacific Islanders, including Native Samoans.
    American Indian Liaison Office
    Mission Statement: To improve relationships between American Indian Tribes, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and the National Park Service through consultation, outreach, technical assistance, education, and advisory services.
    More sites on www.cr.nps.gov
    American Indian Program Council
      US - West
    AIPC is a subcommittee of the Denver Federal Executive Board concerned with the recruitment, retention and visibility of American Indians in the Federal workforce.
    British Columbia Archives
      Canada - Western
    The BC Archives is also the central agency responsible for recorded information management within the provincial government, including the provisions of policies, standards, and advice; administration of records legislation; and maintenance of the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS).
    Chilean Indigenous People Portal
      America - South
    It is a project supported by Chilean Indigenous People Department under The Ministry of Culture (MINEDUC). The main goal is to promote the cultural Indigenous customs and values, showing the spiritual, artistic and cultural production through articles and features.
      United States
    Information network sponsored by U.S. agencies with American Indian programs
    More sites on www.codetalk.fed.us
    Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Through its programs and activities, the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation works to achieve its vision of: A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all.
    More sites on www.austlii.edu.au
    Dakota Ojibway Police Service
    Ojibwe US - Central
    As one of the longest operating First Nation Police Services in Canada, D.O.P.S. is a recognized stand-alone police agency located in southwestern Manitoba, providing policing services to the following First Nation communities: Birdtail Sioux - south of Birtle, Manitoba Canupawakpa Dakota - south of Virden, Manitoba Roseau River - north of Emerson, Manitoba Sioux Valley - northwest of Brandon, Manitoba
    Statistical Data about Provident Fund, Employee Staff Insurance and Labour Welfare Schemes in India and its States
    National Indian Policy Center
    George Washington University, USA
    Office of Loan Guarantee
    Housing for Native Amercians -- Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Loan Guarantee Programs
    More sites on www.codetalk.fed.us
    Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission
      United States
    The Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission is charged with the mission of serving as the liaison between Oklahoma’s tribal population and governments and the Oklahoma State government. The Commission carries out it's duty with the guidance of four statutorily determined goals: the creation of state and federal legislation; the creation of an advisory committee; the development and implementation of research projects and reports and the development of cooperative programs between tribes and state, federal, local, private entities, health organizations, educational agencies, tourism, and economic development entities.
    Reinstated Hawaiian Government
    Kanaka Maoli US - Hawaii
    The Reinstated Hawaiian Government is represented in matters of public affairs by its Office of Communications P.O. Box 96804-2236 Honolulu, The Hawaiian Islands Phone/fax: 808 732-3849
    US Domestic Assistance Catalog for Native American Organizations
    The Catalog describes all 1,425 federal domestic assistance programs. It contains information on all financial and nonfinancial assistance programs administered by the departments and establishments of the Federal government. The Catalog is published by the General Services Administration (GSA) twice a year: in June and December. This is the June 2000 update of the content.

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