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  • Resource Database / Native Economy & Employment / Economy & Economics

    Resources: 16 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Leadership and Management
    The Aboriginal vision of self-reliance and independence will become a reality in the 21st century with the true acknowledgement of Aboriginal and treaty rights. Therefore, successful Aboriginal Nations must assert their right to govern themselves and must exercise that right effectively by building capable governing Nations that match their cultures and traditions.
    Aboriginal Resource Guide
    This user friendly tool is designed to aid Aboriginal people's search for information they require to develop or enhance administrative and financial skills in order to increase their capacity to successfully use the services of financial institutions. The "Resource Guide" is a database containing information and programs related to the above mentioned objective. It is organized under the following categories: Training, Business Plan, Sources of Funds, Business Environment and Help with Running Your Business.
    CESO Aboriginal Services
    To support the aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples to achieve self-sufficiency and self-determination, our objective is: To transfer skills and knowledge To best utilize the experience and expertise of CESO Volunteer Advisers (VAs) To develop needed products and services To accumulate and disseminate knowledge of best practices To provide accessible and cost-effective services Our mission is to assist Aboriginal communities and businesses to achieve greater self-sufficiency and growth.
    ConGO Online
    ConGO Online provides global information on social sustainability issues including indigenous people, land rights, human rights, corporate responsibility and indigenous rights. ConGO Online is the digital services and products agent of the ConGO Group who are providers of information, assessments and advice on social situations anywhere in the world.
    First Nations Development Insitute
      United States
    Our Mission Through a three-pronged strategy of education, advocacy, and capitalization, First Nations Development Institute is working to restore Native control and culturally-compatible stewardship of the assets they own - be they land, human potential, cultural heritage, or natural resources - and to establish new assets for ensuring the long-term vitality of Native communities.
    More sites on www.firstnations.org
    First Nations Development Institute
      United States
    Our primary mission is to promote culturally appropriate economic development by and for Native peoples; to this end we serve as an educator, advocate, researcher, funder, fund raiser, and purveyor of information, resources and ideas. FNDI was founded in 1980 with the mission to help American Indian tribes and Native communities rebuild their economies through asset-based community economic development. Our programs and strategies focus on assisting tribes and Native communities to control, create, leverage, utilize and retain their assets.
    More sites on www.firstnations.org
    Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
    More sites on www.ksg.harvard.edu
    Kingston Strategic Group
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    We are specialists in business development, community development and Maori development projects.
    Las Lianas Resource Center for Science, Culture & Environment
    Also: Centro de Ciencias, Cultura y Medio Ambiente (Quito, Ecuador)
    Dedicated to sustainable development, environmental preservation, and cultural survival through partnerships with indigenous peoples.
    MinorityBank.com provides information on Women and Minority-owned banks, thrifts, brokerage firms, money management firms, venture capital firms serving minority markets.
      United States
    The purpose of the Native American Finance Officers Association is to provide a professional organization dedicated to the improvement and quality of financial and business management of Native American governments and businesses which will strengthen Tribal sovereignty through sound financial management.
    More sites on nafoa.org
    native american bankers
      United States
    Helps tribal leaders develop financial services through new banks.
    The Context and Meaning of Family Strengthening in Indian America
      United States
    A report to the Annie E. Casey Foundation by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, investigating the role of families in improving child and community welfare in American Indian communities. This is a PDF document.
    Town of Pembroke NC
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    The Town of Pembroke is the hometown of the Lumbee tribe. The website provides links to the heart of the Lumbee community.
    Tribal Business Builder
    Chippewa US - Northwest
    Place to go to get help in starting, expanding and acquiring businesses on tribal lands.
    White Earth Land Recovery Project
    Anishinabek US - Central
    Our mission is to facilitate recovery of the original land base of the White Earth Indian Reservation, while preserving and restoring traditional practices of land stewardship, language fluency, community development, and strengthening our spiritual and cultural heritage. The website includes collected essays by founding director Winona LaDuke, and an online catalog for Native Harvest: Anishinaabe-harvested food and art market.

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