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    Resources: 18 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Albanian Minorities
    Albania itself has a population of about 3.3 million, while there are close to seven million Albanians who live in their anscestral lands in the Balkans. From these pages, you will be able to learn about the history, culture and traditions of all Albanians.
    An introduction to the Sami people
    The turn of the year brings a change in status to this presentation, since it is no longer an official website. So if you are a webmaster or maintainer of any kind of online information and have this site linked with a text referring to any kind of "officialhood" for this website, please make appropriate changes. If you don't want to link to one less-than official native site, but still have a wish to have something on the Sami people, please have a look at this site.
    More sites on www.itv.se
    Buber's Basque Page
    A collection of information about the Basque people and their language and culture.
    Confederation of the Lusitanian Union
      Europe & Russia
    Confederation of the Lusitanian Union (Kynsitanea ke Oinexun Leukuir/Confederação da União Lusitana)- is an umbrella organization of the Lusitanian Nation. We support all Lusitanian nationalists organizations and groups which the main ojective is Self-determination for Lusitanian nation. We hope to achieve this aim by maintaining a clear focus on our goal, pressing for increase powers for Lusitanian nation, creation of a regional Assembly and freedom for Lusitanian people.
    Crimea Information
      Europe & Russia
    Welcome to the Crimea Information pages.
    More sites on geocities.com
    Eurominority: database on European minorities
      Europe & Russia
    Eurominority: database on European minorities. Do you search information on a minority in Europe ? There are more than 200 European minorities listed on this website. You can search by state, by languages or by ethnic group !
    Basque Europe & Russia
    Popular traditions (jaiak) from the basque culture (Basque Country, Euskadi, Euskal Herria, Pais Vasco or Pays Basque)
    GeoNative! from Basque Country
    Basque Europe & Russia
    This is the site of Luistxo Fernandez, a Basque internaut. We believe in the diversity of the world's cultures. We focus on just one particular field: placenames, toponomy. We try to put our names and our languages right in the map.GeoNative is a bilingual site (Basque/English).
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Kurdistan Web
    Kurdistan Europe & Russia
    The Kurdistan Web (KW) is a platform providing independent information on Kurds and their human heritage. At present, KW provides its information in English for worldwide use. The Kurdish version is projected for inclusion in the near future. The material and content provided by KW are varied and designed to answer to the needs of most callers. Information on certain specific topics are also provided at Kurdish Encyclopaedia online in French and German; language and literature at The Kurdish Virtual Academy of Language; and an extensive site dedicated entirely to the Southern Kurdish dialect and its heritage.
    Ligue Savoisienne - Savoy League
      Europe & Russia
    Savoy, located in the centre of Europe, has been annexed to France in 1860. Now our country intends to peacefully recover its sovereignity.
    Saami Easterfestival
    Sami Europe & Russia
    Sami Music, films, and much more.
    Sagat Samisk Avis
      Arctic Circle
    Sami & native information pages and news
      Europe & Russia
    More sites on www.itv.se
    Survival-Forum Schule für Fertigkeiten der Naturvölker
      Europe & Russia
    The survival school Tirol is a private organization, whose goal is the gaining and of passing the knowledge on of our ancestors, with founders and members world wide with teachers from diverse cultures and the talents of 'natural' peoples. Survival is science, art and philosophy in one. (website in German)
    S‡mi Instituhtta Home Page
    Sami Europe & Russia
    This is the web site for the Nordic Sami Institute. Information is available in North Sami, Norwegian, and Finnish.
    The Saami Parliament
    This is the web site for the Finnish Sami Parliament (one of three national Sami Parliaments). It has information in North Sami, Finnish, Swedish, and English.
    Turkestan and Azerbaijan Research Centre
    Turkic Europe & Russia
    Western Yugur Steppe
    Uygur Asia
    The Western Yugur or Yellow Uygur people are a small Turkic speaking community, living in the province of Gansu in China.

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