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    Resources: 11 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    About South Africa
    Bantu Africa
    A guide to the four main Bantu language and ethnic groups (Nguni,Sotho-Tswana, Venda and Thonga) of South Africa.
    African Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems
    In this site we present various perspectives on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems(AIK) from a wide range of scholars. We publish brief extracts from scholarly works on the subject and focus on several areas. We are proud to say that this site has been listed by the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of the top 50 of African websites.
    Amazigh cultural Association in America
    The Amazigh Cultural Association in America represents the linguistic, cultural, and human rights of the Berbers (Imazighen) of North Africa, from Siwa in Egypt, to Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and the Canary Islands. Our site offers announcements, events in the U.S., and informed articles about our culture through its publication The Amazigh Voice.
    Baka Pygmies
    Baka Africa
    Cameroon Baka Pygmies: culture, music and life. The fieldworks and the initiation in the forest of the young Italian anthropologist Mauro Campagnoli.
    More sites on www.pygmies.info
    Baka Website
    This site has information about the life and music of the Baka Forest People, Pygmies from S.E. Cameroon.
    Africa stories, news, food, art, pictures and more
    More sites on www.mapasa.com
    A major site of information about Somalia and about the corruption of aid, including AIDS news.
    People of Namibia
    In the middle of 16 century these tribes which belonged to Bantu group moved southwards from the great lakes area in the East Africa and settled between Kunene and Okavango rivers. There are eight tribes of this group in northern Namibia at present with a total population of around 700 000 which represents almost half of the population of the country (45%).
    Sukuma Culture and Tanzania
    Sukuma Africa
    The Sukuma culture is the largest in Tanzania. In many ways, the Sukuma are experiencing a renewed interest in traditional culture. Some think that the strength of this movement is found in the reconciliation of the modern and traditional. Cultural traditions appear to be spreading through contemporary means and not as a contest between the old and the new. Sukuma traditional arts and culture are thriving as much as the economic growth in the region.
    The Dogon tribe
    Dogon Africa
    A website with an excellent profile of the Dogon. Everything is covered. A must see
    Zambia startpage
    Zambia on the internet
    More sites on www.mapasa.com

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