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    Please contact us if you have material you would like added to this page, or to report spelling and other errors. We strive to make this a useful archive of resources for Indigenous organizations, peoples, and researchers. 
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    Name and Description Nation Location
    "Relocation" vs "Removal": simply another example of "Institutionalized Bigotry"?
    by Michael McLaughlin
    The Library of Congress' cataloging practice regarding "removal" vs. "relocation" is a contemporary example of institutionalized bigotry towards American Indians.
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    Beyond the Lost Decade
      America - South
    Indigenous Movements and the Transformation of Development and Democracy in Latin America. Papers from a Conference held at Princeton University, March 2-3, 2001.
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    History of the Modern American Thanksgiving
      United States
    by Karen Nelte
    Many cultures have set aside times to give thanks for blessings such as rain, crops, food, and health. This collection of material was prepared to address some common misconceptions regarding the history of American Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, descriptions of two wars are necessary to answer obvious questions that come up.
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    Indians, Attack Helicopters and Resistance
    By Gary Leupp, Tufts University
    "One must suppose today's Apaches have mixed feelings about their soaring namesake. On the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, the military still has a presence. According to a reservation website, "illegal incursions" of Apache helicopters and other military aircraft "on Apache airspace happen almost daily...."
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    Indigenous Land Regularization in Latin America
      America - South
    by Andrew M. Crain, Esq.
    This paper examines the many recent legal changes in Latin America regarding indigenous communities' rights to traditional lands and natural resources. It includes chapter case studies of Argentina and Brasil.
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    Scholarly Responsibilities to Indigenous Communities
    Choctaw US - Southwest
    a statement by Professor Devon Mihesuah of Northern Arizona University, 16 April 2003, first in a series of statements on this topic, organized by H-AMINDIAN@H-NET.MSU.EDU
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    Step Into the Nightmare
    Choctaw US - Southwest
    1998 update on his situation and essay on prison issues, by Standing Deer
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    Under-representation of Native Americans in the Mainstream Media
      United States
    by Franki Webb
    From the beginning of cinema, Native American culture has been represented stereotypically: Indians are portrayed as proud, independent and honourable peoples or as blood thirsty savages. Hollywood tends to ignore the historical perspective of Indian cultures and rarely offers a well-grounded understanding of Indian identity.
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