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  • Resource Database / Literature / Short Stories - Contemporary

    Resources: 6 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Clouds Of Blood
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    Story By Edward Mach. Preface: Over 10,000 years had passed since the treasure had first been found . The first 500 years, anyone who knew the way could load up as much as they could carry away. Short
    Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain & Rez Memories
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Native american on line writing journal, short stories of life at Two Gray Hills on the Navajo Reservation, directories include Laughing Road-gorwing up, Navajo Spaceships-tales and legends, Star Mountain-stories on Navajo ife and Hear Songs-poetry about love and life by John Rustywire, Navajo
    Red Road Stories
    Cree Canada
    More sites on angelfire.com
    Stories Along The Trail of Tears
    Cherokee US - Central
    The Cherokee Rose - Symbol of pain and suffering along the "Trail Where They Cried." | "Princess Otahki" - A young Cherokee maiden who died along the "Trail of Tears" in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. | "Priscilla" - The story of a young Cherokee slave girl who loved hollyhocks and how she found a home in Southern Illinois, along the "Trail of Tears." | "Andrew Jackson was my Great-grandfather" - The story of a young college student who had to give something back to the Cherokee people ." | "Jenny" - A letter from a Cherokee girl to a dear friend about the impending forced removal from her Cherokee homeland." |
    The Mormon and the Mohawk
    This site contains the musings of a Mohawk woman (KiiskeeN'tum) and a Mormon man (Kelly) who got married and are having lots of fun merging their lifestyles and cultures together. We have pages dedicated to many different interests. Some of these include poetry, stories, prayers and plans. We have interests in mental disorders, adoption, Native American culture and many other areas. This site collects the eclectic musings that don't fit neatly into some other site. Some of these stories are ancient stories from the Mohawk people. Some are modern stories of our experiences. We have stories of the merging and clashing of societies.
    Wapahke / Tommorow
    Cree Canada - Western
    In Cree or English - As I sit on my couch a young person comes over and says "Sir, why did my friend commit suicide I want to join him" and I said sit beside me and we'll talk about tomorrow. Look out the window now close your eyes it's the Christmas concert and you're the first to sing but you're not there, all the other children stand on the side waiting but the concert never starts.

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