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Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
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    Resources: 7 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    American Indian Integration of Baseball
      US - Central
    By Jeffrey Powers-Beck Foreword by Joseph B. Oxendine For many the entry of Jackie Robinson into Major League Baseball in 1947 marked the beginning of integration in professional baseball, but the entry of American Indians into the game during the previous half-century and the persistent racism directed toward them is not as well known. From the time that Louis Sockalexis stepped onto a Major League Baseball field in 1897, American Indians have had a presence in professional baseball.
    Centro Cultural Abya-Yala (Quito, Ecuador)
    Quechua America - South
    El Centro Cultural Abya-Yala (Quito, Ecuador) está desarrollando sus actividades desde hace 22 años... Además de otras actividades el Centro cuenta con una Editorial y Librería especializadas... En 1983 se escoge el nombre de ABYA-YALA para cobijar en un solo sello editorial todas las publicaciones que se refieren a los pueblos indios del continente...
    More sites on www.abyayala.org
    New England Indian History
    Algonquin US - Northeast
    A history of northeast Native Americans and their interaction with the settlers in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
    North American Native Authors Project
    The Greenfield Review Press: writings by over 200 Native authors
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Ocean-Hose (tm)
      US - West
    A culturally sensitve book about oaks, acorns and the history of oaks in relation to Native American history.
    So Sings the Blue Deer
    Huichol Mexico
    "So Sings the Blue Deer" is a novel based upon a true experience of the Huichol Indians. It is the story of their 600 mile pilgrimage from the remote Sierra mountains into the heart of Mexico City--the world's most populous and polluted city--to obtain 20 white-tailed deer from the city zoo in an effort to save the Earth from environmental devastation.
    More sites on www.webspawner.com
    The Wampum Keeper
      Canada - Eastern
    Set in 1651 in the Niagara region of present-day Ontario and New York State,TWK chronicles the fortunes of a Chonnonton wampum keeper and his family when an Iroquois League army attacks their town. The French Jesuits' ill-fated mission to the Hurons is a central focus of the novel.

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