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    Resources: 10 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Elders Teachings
    Ojibwe Canada - Western
    Our Native American Aboriginal Elders have been an integral part of our society for hunderds of generations. Ever since the creator placed the first person on mother earth, they have been given wisdom and direction.
    Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
    Navajo US - Southwest
    The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program exists to create a bridge of hope between Native Americans and other cultures. It allows us to reach out to one another, share our gifts, and mend the broken circle of our relationship with the Land and the Native Americans who hold it in sacred trust.
    More sites on www.anelder.org
    Lakota US - Central
    Center Records presents Lakota spitirual leader, medicine man, and respected elder, Joe Flying Bye (1917-2000) in a series of recordings in the Lakota oral tradition.
    Chief Seattle on Internet
    Suquamish US - Northwest
    "Seattle has given his name to the town, but perhaps it should be spelled Seea-ath. He lived from 1787 until 1866. He gave in connection with negociations with USA 1854 a speech, which Dr. Henry Smith, who were on the spot, reproduced in Seattle Sunday Star many years later in fact 1887, based on his own notes. ... Unfortunately, the famous speech is not what was reproduced by Dr. Henry A. Smith in 1887."
    Bibliographic and other links, maintained by Per-Olof Johansson.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Confederation of Indigenous Elders and Priests of America
      US - Southwest
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Elder's Council of the Cherokee Nation - Oklahoma
    Cherokee US - Southwest
    The Elders of the Cherokee Nation were a group of older Cherokees who, in the tradition of our people, were originally known as "The Wisdom Givers".
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Grand Chief George Manuel, Shuswap Nation
    Shuswap Canada
    The Legacy of Grand Chief George Manuel
    More sites on www.cwis.org
    Tache Ushte's Lodge of Light
    Osage US - Southeast
    I wrote this site at the request of elders. The words came after long periods of prayer and meditation in the Appalachia Foothills of Lookout Mountain.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Thomas Banyacya: Hopi Traditional Elder
    Hopi US - Southwest
    In 1948, all traditional Hopi spiritual leaders met and spoke of things of great importance to all people. They selected four interpreters to carry their message of which Thomas was one.
    Thomas Banyacya died February 6, 1999, in Hopi Land.
      United States
    This website is devoted to bringing their message, their voices, their stories, their visions to all of humanity. They share with us the Original Instructions that show each of us the personal path we need to follow as spiritual human beings in order to perform that task.

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