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    Resources: 72 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Roadmap to African American and Diversity Resources
      United States
    Learn about African-American and Diversity Resource links that you can visit on the Internet. The sites offer a range of resources: connecting you to pages where you can access both primary and secondary documents, databases, archives, libraries, maps, images and more. The focus covers what is available for the United States with an emphasis on Florida and Central America. The links cover at least one of the following criteria; sites that offer resources at the secondary, college and university levels; sites that allow access to material without copyright restrictions on downloading and circulating materials in an educational setting; and sites from well-known government databases.
    Academic information on Native American Studies
    Inupiaq US - Alaska
    At www.alaskool.org we feature some of the greatest materials on Alaska Native history and culture available, and the tools to help teachers use them in the classroom. We feature an Interactive Curriculum Planner and Class Bookmarks as well as news and historical documents, photographs, and streaming audio and video recordings. The Alaska Native Curriculum and Teacher Development Project brings together teams of teachers, elders, and community members in various parts of Alaska with university-based specialists to develop curricula on Alaska Native studies and language that is available to all schools through the internet or on CD. The project is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Alaska's Native people include Inupiaq, Yup'ik, and Cup'ik Eskimos, the Aleut, and Tlingit and Athabaskan Indians.
    American Centuries ... view from New England
      US - Northeast
    Memorial Hall Museum Online - Explore artifacts from our museum and historic documents from our library that reveal the history of New England.
    American Indian Education - California Department of Education
      US - West
    Designed to assist educators in identifying the needs of American Indian students and providing them with high-quality educational opportunities, especially in schoolwide programs.
    An Act respecting the powers of the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia in relation to education
    MicMac Canada
    Passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1997, and legally known in Canada as "Bill C-30".
    Athabascan Canada - Eastern
    Activities, projects, and games about traditional Athabascan Native Art: K-12.
    More sites on www.ankn.uaf.edu
    An interview with Charles C. Mann (part 1)
      US - Northeast
    Charles C. Mann, author of 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, published in 2005 by Knopf, is interviewed by Peter d'Errico in Indian Country Today (in two parts).
    More sites on www.indiancountry.com
    An interview with Charles C. Mann (part 2)
      US - Northeast
    Charles C. Mann, author of 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, published in 2005 by Knopf, is interviewed by Peter d'Errico in Indian Country Today (in two parts).
    More sites on www.indiancountry.com
    Ancient Aztalan
      US - Northeast
    Mr. Neefe's Social Studies Web Project -developed by Local Materials, Madison Curriculum Department, Wisconsin - about the Aztalan Indians of the Middle Mississippi cultural group which settled in Wisconsin from approximately 1100-1300 A.D.
    Appropriate Methods When Teaching About Native American Peoples
      United States
    Basic understanding of how to teach about Native Americans.
    More sites on www.ableza.org
      United States
    You've arrived at Asian- Nation, your one-stop information source on the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural elements and issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community. You can almost think of Asian-Nation as an online version of "Asian Americans 101."
    Canada's Polar Life: Traditional Knowledge
      Canada - Northern
    Given the reliance of their culture on the harvest of wildlife, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Inuit developed a deep understanding of polar life. They created a practical classification system for the organisms they encountered, and gained a detailed knowledge of their seasonal movements and behaviours. They also created a rich mythology, which often featured Arctic life and was passed down to each generation through oral tradition.
    Change of Worlds
      US - Northwest
    Teacher and Student Portal Entrances and Curriculum Units to explore Culture, Photographs & Artifacts of Puget Sound Natives.
    Christopher Columbus: The Untold Story
      United States
    Many people are surprised to learn that Christopher Columbus and his men enslaved native inhabitants of the West Indies, forced them to convert to Christianity, and subdued them with violence in an effort to seek riches. For readers who are skeptical or wish to learn more, this page contains information that can be confirmed by consulting the sources cited.
    More sites on www.understandingprejudice.org
    Circle of Stories
    Digital Storytelling - With Native culture bearers as guides, this web-original interactive experience explores the art, culture and legacy of the Native American oral tradition. CIRCLE OF STORIES is an Electric Shadows Project presented by ITVS Interactive.
    More sites on www.pbs.org
    Cradleboard Teaching Project
      United States
    The Cradleboard Teaching Project turns on the lights in public education about Native American culture - past, present, and most important for the children - the Future. It comes out of Indian country, and reaches far beyond, into the mainstream classroom and into the future of education.
    More sites on www.cradleboard.org
    Cultural Ecology - Classroom Activity
      US - Southwest
    Serrano Indians - Ethnobotany, Medicine, Housing, Music, Animals, Tools
    Culturally-Based Curriculum Resources
      US - Alaska
    The curriculum resources included in this site have been selected to illustrate ways in which Indigenous and Western knowledge systems can be brought to bear in schools through a balanced, comprehensive and culturally-aligned curriculum framework adaptable to local circumstances. The resources are intended to help teachers and students make the connection between the knowledge, skills and ways of knowing used to maintain a livelihood in the villages, and the knowledge, skills and cultural standards for teaching/learning reflected in the school curriculum.
    More sites on www.ankn.uaf.edu
    Dakota Culture and Language
    Dakota Canada
    Dakota Culture and Language is a online collaborative project that contains translation resources, lessons, and various other information about the Dakota culture and language.
    Dakota Curriculum Project
    Dakota US - West
    The Dakota philosophy and way of life is just as important and also should be taught to the children on a daily basis. This could be made possible through daily lessons, storytelling, songs, and dances within the classrooms at school. It is with this in mind that as teachers and educators we should all work collectively to keep this way of life alive.
      US - Southwest
    DCI America offers unparalleled training and techncial assistance to US Tribes and Canadian Bands, consortia, casinos, schools, health centers, etc. With a cadre of exceptional Native American instructors, and some of the finest and up-to-date materials, our Conferences and workshops rank among the best offered.
    Documentary Educational Resources
    Documentary Educational Resources produces, distributes and promotes anthropological and documentary films and videos . We represent producers from every populated continent. At present, DER's library contains over 400 film and video titles used internationally in classrooms and other educational institutions.
    More sites on der.org
    Education: A Dene Perspective
    Dene Canada - Western
    The purpose of this curriculum is to give this perspective back to our children. There is a need to root ourselves in tradition not for the sake of the past but for the sake of the future. Our children, with the gift of their culture, can work towards ensuring our future survival as well as the survival of humankind.
    Educational Resources for Aboriginal Head Start Programs
      Canada - Western
    This compendium was created by Ball & Moselle Consulting Inc.* for Aboriginal Head Start Programs. The project was made possible by a contribution from Health Canada. Our purpose was to identify resources that would assist Aboriginal Head Start staff in finding materials that would: support the education component of the Aboriginal Head Start program; be appropriate for use by young children, particularly those from 3 to 5 years of age; represent Aboriginal cultures, particularly those located on the west coast of Canada.
    More sites on www.ahsabc.com
    Examining the Reputation of Columbus
      United States
    An Essay by Jack Weatherford
    Christopher Columbus' reputation has not survived the scrutiny of history, and today we know that he was no more the discoverer of America than Pocahontas was the discoverer of Great Britain.
    More sites on www.understandingprejudice.org
    First Nations / Issues of Consequence
      US - Northeast
    An extensive gathering of resources on Native American tribes. The information here could be used by history teachers looking to supplement lesson plans on Native Americans as well as cultural studies teachers covering the subject. Students researching for reports will also find this site quite useful.
    More sites on www.dickshovel.com
    First Nations and Metis Curriculum Units
      Canada - Western
    Saskatchewan Indian Federated College - Department of Indian Education
    More sites on collections.ic.gc.ca
    Four Directions Teachings.com Created by Invert Media in association with the National Indigenous Literacy Association, FourDirectionsTeachings.com is an interactive website featuring Elders' teachings from the Mi'kmaq, Mohawk, Ojibwe, Cree and Blackfoot nations. Four Directions Teachings.com includes beautiful flash animation, audio narration, soundscapes and free downloadable curriculum (grades 1 - 12) - making it an exciting resource for educators, students and anyone interested in Indigenous philosophies and beliefs!
    History 41: The American Colonies
      US - Northeast
    This course explores the history of the social, cultural, and political developments in the British North American colonies from the first contact between indigenous and colonizing cultures to the eve of the American Revolution. Since the colonial era of American history covers more than 250 years of historical developments, this course cannot cover every topic or colony. Rather, it will be a thematic exploration into some of the important historical problems during this era. Many of those problems remain central to the history of American life and culture -- the origins of slavery; the origins of capitalism, consumerism, and religious revivalism; as well as the future of indigenous peoples amid a migrating and colonizing people of European ancestry.
    Howard Lyons Presenter
    Mohawk US - Northeast
    Howard Lyons is a Native American Musician and Educational Assembly Presenter.He travels worldwide performing in concerts and educational assemblies in schools and for Educational Organizations
    Indigenous Peoples
      America - South
    maintained by the University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center
    More sites on www.lanic.utexas.edu
    Indigenous Uprising
    Menominee US - Northeast
    informing and archiving the social justice and sovereignty movements of indigenous people from around the world
    More sites on www.indigenousuprising.com
    Journal of American Indian Education
      US - Southwest
    The Journal of American Indian Education constitutes a record of policy and thinking that have governed the development of the educational system for American Indians in the last half of the 20th Century.
    Kaitoro Publishers Limited
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Maori owned publishing company producing educational resources in electronic and printed media. Specialising in unique innovative Maori resources that are bilingual
    Knife River Indian Villages - Teachers Guide
      US - Central
    The purpose of this Teacher's Guide is to provide history and social science teachers, at all grade levels, with information and activities about the American Indians of the Northern Plains, who lived in the area of the Knife River where it enters the Missouri. This area is now Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. - History, subsistance, housing, transportation, arts, crafts & clothing, games, illustrations and more.
    More sites on www.nps.gov
    Maps of Indian Territory, the Dawes Act, and Will Rogers' Enrollment Case File
      United States
    A Teaching with Documents lesson plan from the U.S. National Archives, with links to reproducible copies of primary documents.
    More sites on www.archives.gov
    My Community, Our Earth
    The My Community, Our Earth project is intended to foster geographic learning for sustainable development. Resource kits will be provided to each project that registers(high school and university level students)around the globe can participate. The kit includes GIS software (see http://www.conservationgis.org/aatribal.html for more info.) and many great educational resources.
    Native Access to Engineerng
    The Native Access to Engineering profgram at Concordia university offers culturally appropriate science and math lessons on its web site.
    Native American Cybernetics: Indigenous Knowledge Resources in Information Technology
      US - Northeast
    Native American knowledge systems include many aspects of contemporary information technologies, and native communities have become increasingly adept in appropriating computing and communication devices for their own use. I refer to this complex of indigenous and appropriated information technologies as Native American Cybernetics.
    More sites on www.rpi.edu
    Native American Dwellings
      United States
    Indian Dwellings - as described and illustrated from an architect's view. Activity CD to teach the knowledge and materials used in indigenous dwellings.
    Native American Schools, Student Groups and Related Programs
      United States
    WWW Virtual Library for Native Americans, maintained by Karen Strom - American Indians Index of Native American Education Resources on the Internet
    More sites on www.hanksville.org
    Native American Studies Programs
    Navajo United States
    Dennis Rogers is an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation of the state of Arizona. His specialties in tribal art forms include traditional Navajo Sandpainting, the Hoop Dance, and Northern Traditional Dances. He also speaks about Navajo Silversmithing, reservation life, tribal issues, Indian laws & legislation, and Indian gaming.
    Native American Village @ IMDiversity.com
      United States
    Essays, news, commentary and other resources about Native Americans. Suitable for educational use as well as for daily information purposes from arts & culture to world affairs.
    More sites on www.imdiversity.com
    Native Americans
    EduScape Topic / Learning Activities
    Native History Magazine
    A free online magzine devoted to eliminating stereotypes by providing educational resources for teachers and students of all ages. The magazine uses primary-source articles, lesson plans, and detailed tribal-specific resource links. Articles and book reviews written by contemporary authors that meet the standards of our mission and receive the approval of our Elders Circle and Editorial Board will be considered for inclusion.
    Native Village
      US - Central
    NATIVE VILLAGE Publications and website was created for youth, educators, families, and friends who wish to celebrate the rich, diverse cultures of The Americas's First Peoples. Each month this award-winning resource offers readers two publications: Native Village Youth and Education News, and Native Village Opportunities and Websites. Each issue summarizes today's happenings in Indian country and is written in an easy-to-read format. Native Village also houses additional resources and information to enrich all lives on Turtle Island. Please enjoy your visit; you are always welcome here!
    Navajo Architecture: Concepts & Design
    Navajo United States
    This site is a general interpretation of Navajo dwellings as it relates to the culture.
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Norval Morrisseau - Multicultural Art - KinderArt
    Ojibwe Canada - Eastern
    Lesson Plan - Norval Morrisseau was born in 1930 on the Sand Point Lake Reserve north of Thunder Bay in Ontario Canada. He was raised by his Grandparents and through them learned traditional Ojibwa customs, values and beliefs. It was in his youth that he received - from his Grandfather - his "mission" to share through art, all of those things he was taught to respect about Ojibwa culture.
    Ontario Native literacy Coalition
    The Ontario Native literacy Coalition is comprised of 31 Native literacy programs across Ontario. The ONLC is committed to developing culturally relevant learning materials, developing and implementing a computer network and establishing a centre for Native literacy administration and training. All the ONLC programs are based on a whole-person (or holistic) approach.
    Our Canadian Girl - Historical fiction for girls.
    Metis Canada - Western
    Follow the adventures of Our Canadian Girls with this series of historical fiction they prove once and for all that Canadian history isn't boring. One of the books in the series is "Buffalo Hunt" by Cora Taylor and the story is set in the West, during the waning years of the buffalo hunt. Angelique Dumas is a ten-year-old Metis girl, and this year she gets to be part of the hunt-not with the children, but with the grownups. It will be hard work, she knows, and she will have lots of new and important responsibilities. Just how important they are becomes clear on the day Angelique wanders off exploring, and finds herself in the middle of a buffalo stampede.
    Peace 4 Turtle Island Homework Help
    Haudenosaunee US - Northeast
    Here we hope to offer students a place to write to when they seek answers to their homework and research questions concerning the Haudenosaunee, and to also provide a place where scholars and those interested in learning more about our people can seek answers to their questions.
    More sites on www.peace4turtleisland.org
    Praxis Media Productions
      Canada - Eastern
    Praxis Media Productions is a non-profit collective providing educational resources on topics such as colonialism, language revitalization, and history. Most recently, they released an audio-documentary called "Hoping Against Hope? The Struggle Against Colonialism in Canada."
    Reading Native American Literature
      United States
    Published by the National Council of Teachers of English, _Reading Native American Literature_ is a new book by Bruce Goebel for teachers of high school and college literature classes. It includes ideas for teaching works by writers such as James Welch, Leslie Marmon Silko, Sherman Alexie, and others. The book features resources that include copies of traditional, tribally specific poems and stories, histories, and a glossary.
    Rez Education
      US - Southwest
    Rez Education is an online community of teachers dedicated to teaching Native American Students. Our purpose is to find better ways to educate our students by communication and critical discourse on our profession. We welcome articles and news events authored by members about where they teach. Schools are also welcome to place employment information on our forums to aid in the search for educators from around the world.
    Science, Through Native American Eyes
    People who used to see Native American culture represented only in the fall as an exotic extra - “just after we study dinosaurs and just before we study Columbus” - now can study both Science and the real deal about Native America.
    More sites on www.cradleboard.org
    Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.
    Dakota US - Central
    With headquarters on the Spirit Lake Nation, Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. provides computer-based training FREE or at very low cost for tribal members with disabilities and those who work with them. SLC also provides FREE training for employees, managers and small business owners in tribal communities, through funding from the USDA .
    STAR, Students and Teachers Against Racism
      United States
    Through education, we seek to bring the image of Native Americans into the present, to support the well being of Native children in schools through the accurate depiction of history and by raising awareness of the need for sensitivity to Native culture as well bringing recognition to the ongoing contributions of Native Peoples today, and to celebrate the varied and rich cultural traditions of all Native people in the United States.
    Survivors Of Boarding School Syndrome
    Cree Canada - Northern
    Survivors Of Boarding School Syndrome is the true story of a Cree woman's family history of three generations that attended the same residential school at St. Ann's at Fort Albany,along the James Bay coast.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Talking Leaves
      United States
    Talking Leaves is designed to give K-12 students and their educators access to culturally and historically accurate information by and about Native Americans
    More sites on www.wisdomkeepers.org
    TEACH: Native Peoples of the Great Lakes Region
      US - Northeast
    Indians, or Native Peoples, were the original inhabitants of North America and the Great Lakes region. In fact, Native Peoples inhabited the continent tens of thousands of years before the arrival of settlers from Europe and the Far East. By the 16th century, the Native Peoples of North America had evolved into widely different cultures. Notable tribes around the Great Lakes included people we now call the Chippewa, Fox, Huron, Iroquois, Ottawa, Potawatomi and Sioux.
    Teaching about Thanksgiving
      US - Northwest
    A lesson plan from The Center For World Indigenous Studies and the Highline Indian Education program (Seattle, Washington).
    More sites on www.cwis.org
    Tefl Certification in Mexico - Teach English Worldwide
    4-week TEFL Certification course. Guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide, upon successful completion of the Tefl Certificate Course.
    Thanksgiving holiday in Canada and the U.S.
      Canada - Eastern
    Educational materials and teaching resources, from Gander Academy, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.
    The Indigenous Worldview as a Prerequisite for Effective Civic Learning in Higher Education
    Lakota US - Central
    Until the dominant culture fundamentally investigates and modifies its essential worldview with one more in harmony with that of traditional indigenous tribes, such as those of America’s first nation peoples, moral education and effective civic engagement will remain another failed effort at “school renewal.”
    by Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D., Dean of Education at Oglala Lakota College
    The Training of a medicine person
    Ani-Stohini - Unami US - Southeast
    A page explaining how Native American Medicine people learned what they learned.
    More sites on expage.com
    Understanding anti-Indian Prejudice: Test Your Native IQ
      United States
    A 10-item test will probe your knowledge of Native American issues, Native American history and contemporary life. The site was developed by Professor Scott Plous of Wesleyan University.
    More sites on www.understandingprejudice.org
    Use of Alcohol in the Indian Fur Trade
    The use of alcohol by the fur traders and President Jefferson's Indian Police to control the Indian Fur Trade
    More sites on www.thefurtrapper.com
    Using Traditional American Indian Stories to teach Indigenous Languages
    Legends, myths, folk tales, and stories have long been an important aspect of the history and culture of indigenous people; vehicles to preserve, carry, and teach historical events, religious beliefs, ethics, and values to the young and old. Ethnographers and students of folklore have described in detail and extensively analyzed the literary aspects of oral tradition. However, despite the broad consensus on the artistic merits of traditional stories and the role they have played in the linguistic and cultural continuity of indigenous peoples, they are little used in schools. This paper discusses the instructional uses of traditional stories is meant to serve as a contribution to realizing their educational potential.
    Welcome to Kids' Stop - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
    Cool Stuff, History, Languages, People, Places, Resource Links, Schools Online & Teachers Section
    More sites on www.ainc-inac.gc.ca
    Who Owns Native Culture?
      US - Northeast
    Resources for understanding current debates about the legal status of indigenous art, music, folklore, biological knowledge, and sacred places.
    World Mythology: Native American Myth: Curriculum Materials
    Mineapolis Institute of Arts - World Mythology Image 17- United States (Navajo)- Ketoh (Wrist Guard)- About 1930/ Image 18- Canada (Haida)- Chief's Rattle- 19th-20th century/ Image 19- United States (Lakota)- Woman's Dress- 20th century // Introduction ~ Myth by Image ~ Myth by Culture ~ Mythological Comparisons ~ Glossary ~ Suggested Readings ~ Downloadable Resources

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