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    Resources: 5 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Brain-Box Digital Archives Project
    Anishinaabe US - Central
    MAAWANJI'IDING - GATHERING TOGETHER Ojibwe Histories and Narratives from Wisconsin Volume one: Brain-Box Digital Archives Oral histories from northern Wisconsin's Ojibwe homelands published for the first time on CD-ROM. Maawanji'iding is the result or 6 years of collaborative production between hup!multimedia and tribal members of the Wisconsin bands of Lake Superior Chippewa or Ojibwe, part of the larger Anishinaabe Nation in the U.S. and Canada.
    Anishinabek US - West
    Kinnarees is dedicated to helping preserve the First Nation languages and way of life through the use of multimdeia. We offer internet design, multimedia design, multimedia production and graphic services.
    Longhouse Media
      US - Northwest
    The mission of Longhouse Media, in partnership with the Swinomish Tribe, is to catalyze Indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change. Longhouse Media draws from traditional and modern forms of artistic expression, storytelling, teaching and inquiry, based in the technologies of today.
    Talis Productions: THREADS OF TWO CULTURES
    Threads of Two Cultures is a multifaceted cross-cultural edu-tainment project. It's main objectives include attacking prejudice at its roots while increasing global awareness of the Berber, Navajo and Hispanic cultures, as well as raising funds for specific micro-loan and educational programs benefiting these traditional peoples.
    The Great Peace CD-ROM. A Gaterhing of good minds
    Iroquois Canada
    Educational encyclopedic CD-ROM about the Great Law Iroquois Confederacy Haudenosaunee First Nations Aboriginal history culture spirituality. Resource for Native Studies elementary to post-secondary

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