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  • Resource Database / Education and Youth Resources / Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Resources: 16 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    American Association of University Women
    Women of under-represented groups encouraged to apply for grants and fellowships.
    American Fisheries Society
      United States
    Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program, a summer-long, hands-on mentoring program for minority and women high school students. Includes a $1,000/month scholarship (maximum of $3,000) for participants.
    American Indian College Fund
    With the support of corporations, foundations and 100,000 individual Americans, the College Fund has become the nation's largest provider of privately-funded Indian scholarships. While this success has helped thousands of students fulfill their dreams, there is still much more work to do to address unmet scholarship and facilities needs.
    More sites on www.collegefund.org
    American Indian Education Foundation
      United States
    The American Indian Education Foundation was established to support educational opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native Students. Scholarships are awarded for each school year and funded twice that year.
    American Indian Graduate Center
      US - Southwest
    The American Indian Graduate Center(AIGC)was founded to help open the doors to graduate education for American Indians and to help tribes obtain the educated Indian professionals they need to become more self-sufficient and to exercise their rights to self-determination.
    More sites on www.aigc.com
    Buder Center for American Indian Studies
      US - Central
    The Buder Center for American Indian Studies is located at Washington University, George Warren Brown School of Social Work in St. Louis, MO. The Katheryn M. Buder Center provides a full tuition scholarship to American Indian Students who wish to pursue a Master's Degree in Social Work AND who are committed to working with American Indians.
    Conservation Careers Diversity Internship Program
      United States
    The Conservation Careers Diversity Internship Program is managed by the Environmental Careers Organization in partnership with US Fish & Wildlife and USDA Forest Service to provide college students with paid training and research opportunities. The program focuses principally on college freshman and sophomore Hispanic, African, Asian, and Native American students - groups traditionally underrepresented in the conservation field.
    More sites on www.eco.org
    Delaware County Inter-Tribal Youth Council
      US - Southwest
    The Delaware County Inter-Tribal Youth Council is an organization that teaches arts and crafts, and pow-wow dance styles to area youth. We have a Contest Benefit pow-wow each year, awarding a scholarship to an area youth and a scholarship to a pow-wow participant. We meet at least once a week. We're lead by a council of volunteering "elders".
    More sites on dciyc.com
      United States
    This web site is maintained by Kauffman & Associates, Inc., (KAI) under a contract with the U.S. Department of Education to assist the Office of Indian Education in providing training and technical assistance regarding the No Child Left Behind Act and the Presidentís Executive Order # 13336 on Indian Education.
    Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation
    Arikara US - Central
    The Three Affilliated Tribes; Assist in scholarships funding in area of Gospel Music and programs for alcohol and drug abuse.
    LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Program in Business, Inc.
      United States
    LEAD is a national partnership of top U.S. corporations and graduate business schools that influences talented minority students to pursue careers in business. LEAD selects promising African American, Hispanic American, and Native American high school students to participate in comprehensive summer institutes at graduate business schools, then supports them through college and beyond by opening doors to internships and permanent jobs with LEAD corporate partners.
    Maya Educational Foundation
    Maya America - Central
    MEF is a U.S. public foundation and non-profit organization that has been active since 1992. The primary focus of its work is to support Mayas who want to pursue higher education but lack the economic means to do so.
    La Maya Educational Foundation (MEF) les invita a participar en la tarea de promover y mejorar las oportunidades educativas para los mayas de Guatemala y México.
    Scholarships in India
    International Scholarships for indian students to study abroad
    More sites on www.scholarships-india.com
    Scholarships in India
    International Scholarships for indian students to study abroad
    More sites on www.scholarships-india.com
    Udall Foundation
    Scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students who demonstrate a commitment to the environment. The Udall Foundation seeks future leaders across a wide spectrum of environmental fields, including policy, engineering, science, education, urban planning and renewal, business, health, justice, and economics. The Foundation also seeks future Native American and Alaska Native leaders in public and community health care, tribal government, and public policy affecting Native American communities, including land and resource management, economic development, and education.
    More sites on www.udall.gov
    Virgil Masayesva Native American Environmental Education Scholarship Fund
      US - West
    A scholarship fund has been established at Northern Arizona University in recognition of Virgil Masayesva and his tireless pursuit to advance Native American environmental education and protection issues around the country. The principal purpose of the fund is to support qualified Native American students who are pursuing environmental careers, and others who are committed to careers associated with environmental protection of Indian Country.
    More sites on www4.nau.edu

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