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  • Resource Database / Education and Youth Resources / Institutes and Special Programs

    Resources: 77 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia
      Canada - Western
    Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) is an early intervention program for First Nations, Inuit and Métis children. The primary goal of the initiative is to demonstrate that locally controlled and designed early intervention strategies can provide Aboriginal children with a positive sense of themselves, a desire for life long learning, and opportunities to develop fully as successful people. Aboriginal Head Start directly involves parents and the community in the design and implementation of preschool projects. Projects include the promotion of cultures and languages, education, health, nutrition counselling and improved social supports.
    More sites on www.ahsabc.com
    Aboriginal Media Program
    Mohawk Canada - Eastern
    This three-year post-secondary program leads to either a diploma in print or broadcast journalism. Upon completion of the program learners will also receive a certificate in specialized Aboriginal Media Studies from First Nations Technical Institute.
    More sites on www.fnti.net
    Amauta Series
    Quechua US - West
    Information about the important contributions of Native Americans to civilization. Lectures and general information about Tribes in North, central and South America.
    More sites on www.xmission.com
    American Indian College Fund
      US - West
    The American Indian College Fund raises money from corporations, foundations, and individuals to support scholarships and other development needs at tribal colleges; is building an endowment to provide support to tribal colleges in perpetuity; and educates the public to the existence of tribal colleges and the role they play in rebuilding Indian societies.
    More sites on www.collegefund.org
    American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center
      US - West
    AIDTAC provides information and technical assistance to American Indian tribes and Alaskan Native villages that helps members with disabilities live health, integrated lives within their tribal communities.
    American Indian Graduate Center
      United States
    "Build, promote, and honor self-sustaining American Indian and Alaska Native communities through education and leadership."
    More sites on www.aigc.com
    American Indian Research Opportunities
    American Indian Research Opportunities (AIRO) is a Special Program Unit of Montana State University - Bozeman (MSU-Bozeman), established in 1983 as a consortium with Montana's Tribal Colleges, dedicated to increasing the number of American Indians entering higher education and career fields where they are significantly underrepresented.
    More sites on www.montana.edu
    American Indian Studies Homepage
    American Indian History and Related Issues. An excellent site by Troy Johnson, of the American Indian Studies Program at California State University, Long Beach. This site is dedicated to the presentation of unique artwork, photographs, video and sound recordings which accurately reflect the history, culture and richness of the Native American experience in North America and has been expanded to include Indian people of Central America and Mexico.
    More sites on www.csulb.edu
    American Indian Studies Program [Michigan State University]
      US - Central
    American Indian Studies (AISP) at MSU seeks to form an understanding of American Indian cultures and identities, the place of American Indian/ Indigenous people in today’s world, and the changing demands of American Indian/Indigenous peoples in the pursuit of cross-cultural diversity. AISP has 23 affiliated faculty members working in departments of Anthropology, Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures (WRAC), Law, English, Religious Studies, History, Linguistics, MSU Museum, American Studies , the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and Spanish & Portuguese.
    American Indians Into Psychology
      US - Southwest
    The American Indians Into Psychology program at Oklahoma State University is an IHS-funded program that offers training opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate (doctoral) levels for Native students interested in pursuing careers in psychology. The program provides undergraduate funding opportunities, funded summer institutes for junior-senior level college students, and graduate scholarships for Ph.D. level students.
    Anishinabek Educational Institute
    Anishinabek Canada - Western
    At the AEI we offer full-time diploma and professional development certificate programs. We ensure that the delivery and content of the programs are culturally relevent and specific to First Nations communities. Our goal is to provide one on one student interaction with all staff and instructors in order to build healthy relationships and ensure quality education.
    More sites on www.anishinabek.ca
    Blanche Macdonald Centre
      Canada - Western
    Blanche Macdonald Centre, founded in 1960 by Blanche Brillon Macdonald of Metis heritage, offers professional diploma programs in Makeup Artistry, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Esthetics and Nails.
    Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC
    Stockbridge-Munsee US - Central
    Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC is a nationally certified and social science organization working to assist Indian and non-Indian organizations with scientific research and evaluation. This organization specializes in culturally and contextually relevant research and evaluation strategies that are also scientifically rigorous. Past clients include US Dept. of Justice, National Science Foundation, NASA, US Dept. of Education, National Indian Education Association, American Educational Research Association, American Evaluation Association, and US Dept of Agriculture to name several.
    More sites on www.nbowmanconsulting.com
    California Missions Scholars
    Canadian Language Learning Centre
    MicMac Canada - Eastern
    An Aboriginal owned business. CLLC is a language school that specializes in teaching English to students from other countries including Korea, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Chile, Taiwan and more. Garnet Brooks (Micmac) is the owner and a youth entrepreneur who founded the school at the ripe age of 28. Brooks had spent 7 years in Asia lecturing English at a university after finishing his masters degree in applied linguistics. CLLC - The Canadian Language Learning Centre is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    Captioned Media Program
      United States
    A visit to our Web site and a search of our catalog for materials under the heading “Native Americans” will reveal more materials related to the subject. Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons, families with a person having a hearing loss, teachers, and others who work with this population may register for our service.
    Center for Indigenous Law, Governance & Citizenship
    Haudenosaunee US - Northeast
    The Center for Indigenous Law, Governance &Citizenship is a research based law and policy institute focused on Indigenous nations, their development and their interaction with the U.S. and Canadian governments.
    Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University
      Australia - Torres Strait
    Students from across Australia come to learn more about Australian Indigenous culture. CAIS at both Clayton and Gippsland campuses offers a range of subjects and courses for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.
    Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE)
    The Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE) is an independent, multi-disciplinary research and education resource for Indigenous Peoples. CINE was created by Canada's Aboriginal leaders in response to a need expressed by Aboriginal Peoples for participatory research and education to address their concerns about the integrity of their traditional food systems.
    Council for the Development of Native Development Officers (CANDO)
      Canada - Western
    CANDO focuses on professional development and education for economic developers who work in Aboriginal communities and organizations. It is Aboriginal-controlled, community-based, membership-driven.
    Cradleboard Teaching Project (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
    The Nihewan Foundation for Native American Education is a small private non-profit foundation dedicated improving the education of and about Native American people and cultures. Nihewan’s focus is to help Native American students to participate in learning, while also helping people of all backgrounds learn about Native American culture.
    More sites on www.cradleboard.org
    Denver Indian Center - Adult Education Center & Services
    The Denver Indian Center, Inc. serves a diverse group of tribes, the majority of which represent the Southwest and the Northern and Southern Plains. Current estimates indicate approximately 18,000 American Indians reside in the six county service area. These people have moved to Denver for a variety of reasons. Most come seeking economic stability, education and security for their families.
    Dream Catchers Youth Program
      Canada - Eastern
    The Dreamcatcher's Youth Program (DYP) empowers Aboriginal Youth through holistic and culturally appropriate youth driven programs and services. DYP instills traditional Aboriginal values that address the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of Urban Aboriginal Youth.
    Educaedu Ecuador
      America - South
    Educaedu.com.ec is a finder of courses, university races, maestraas and postgraduates of Anthropologist, Sociologist, Ancestral Architecture, Intercultural Educator, etc. We counted on but of 1800 courses registered in all the Ecuador. Contactanos free of charge and solicits information on any course of your interest.
    Falmouth Institute On-Line & American Indian Report
    The Falmouth Institute, a nationally known and respected training and consulting organization, is dedicated to providing quality training courses, consulting, and cost effective technical assistance to American Indian and Alaska Native communities.
    First Nations Environmental Law Program
      US - Northeast
    The FNEL Fellowship enables qualified First Nations students to enroll in the Master of Studies in Environmental Law (MSEL) degree program at Vermont Law School.
    First Nations Technical Institute
    Mohawk Canada
    First Nations Technical Institute, established in 1985, is an Aboriginal owned and operated education and training facility. It is located on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near Deseronto, Ontario, Canada.
    More sites on www.fnti.net
    Four Quarters Institute
    Private post-secondary institution that offers training programs designed to serve the needs of currently employed social workers, substance abuse counsellors, community or tribal social workers, recovery house workers, or those who desire specialized training on a full-time or a one-week-per-month basis.
    Four Worlds Institute for Human & Community Development
      Canada - Western
    education and training materials for human and community development
    Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research
    The Institute is the only wholly Métis owned and controlled education institution of its kind in Canada. The Institute is responsible for the design, development and delivery of specific educational and cultural programs and services.
    More sites on www.schoolnet.ca
    Going Miles
    An Organization focused on Youth programming, workshop facilitation by popular actors. Traditional dancers, Aboriginal comedy acts, hypnotist, Musicians of all genres.
    Gompa Nakai Institute
    Homeschooling the gifted Native child and running a bed and breakfast business on Rez home
    More sites on www.homestead.com
    Grassroots Indian Nation Tour
    Lakota US - West
    From June 24 to July 6, 2001. Co-sponsored by Canku Luta (Red Road, Inc.) and the University of Wyoming and may be taken as a three-credit academic course. This program immerses participants in the culture and contemporary issues of peoples of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Shoshoni Nations.
    More sites on canku-luta.org
    Indian Teacher and Educational Personell Program
    Bernadine Whipple & Clinton Mungary
    More sites on www.humboldt.edu
    Indians Into Medicine
      US - Central
    The Indians Into Medicine Program (INMED), located at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences, is an academic support program aiding American Indian students in their quest to serve the health care needs of native communities.
    Indigenous Governance Program (IGOV)
    University of Victoria (Canada) IGOV offers educational programming that provides students with a strong background in the values, perspectives, concepts, and principles of Indigenous political cultures.
    More sites on web.uvic.ca
    Institute for Integrated Rural Development
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Institute for Tribal Government
      United States
    The Institute for Tribal Government is located in Portland State University's Hatfield School of Government. We deliver 2 or 3 day classes, designed by and for tribal government leaders. Practical tools and knoweldge provide a solid foundation upon which leadership effectiveness can grow. Topics include: an overview federal Indian laws and policies; how to establish key relationships with Congress; how the federal legislative and appropriations processes really work; and tools to meet tribal leadership needs. Former U.S. Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse and Native educators share their experiences and knowledge. Training regarding tribal rights and sovereignty is also available to federal and state government agencies. A video-based curriculum, "Great Tribal Leaders of Modern Times" is available to schools, tribes, and the public.
    Institute of American Indian Arts
      US - Southwest
    Established in 1962 by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Arts Development (IAIA) was initially a high school. In 1975 the Institute became a two-year college offering associate degrees. The institute also includes a major contemporary Indian art museum located just off the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe (NM).
    Institute of American Indian Studies
    Sioux US - West
    Established in 1955, the work of the Institute of American Indian Studies includes organizing campus programs to promote education and awareness of American Indian culture, issues, and problems; assisting University of South Dakota efforts to recruit and retain American Indian students, faculty, and staff; encouraging increased levels of research on American Indian life; and strengthening relations with tribes, tribal colleges, and other appropriate American Indian organizations in the state and region.
    More sites on www.usd.edu
    Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth
      US - Northeast
    Since its founding in 1989, the Institute has established itself as a world-class center of Arctic Studies well-known throughout the Circumpolar North.
    More sites on www.dartmouth.edu
    KBC Training Center
      US - Alaska
    The KBC Training Center is dedicated to increasing the number of Native people engaged in media careers.
    More sites on www.knba.org
    Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute
    Ojibwe Canada
    Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute is located on the M'Chigeeng First Nation (formerly West Bay) situated on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada. The Institute provides direct service through the delivery of College and University accredited programs, pre-employment training programs and employee training and professional development workshops. Employee training and professional development programs can be offered through on-site customized training modules to both members and non-members of the Institute.
    life skills curriculum
    Life Skills Programs using Cognitive Therapy to reduce recidivism
    Micmac- Maliseet Institute - University of New Brunswick
    The Institute offers UNB academic programs for Aboriginal students and engages in a variety of other activities, including curriculum development for the public schools, research and publication in the fields of Native Studies and Aboriginal Education.
    Morris K. Udall Native American Congressional Internship
    The Udall Native American Congressional Internship Program gives Native American students an opportunity to learn about the federal government from the inside. Are you a college junior, senior, graduate student, law student or graduating from a tribal college? -intern for ten weeks during the summer -work in congressional offices in Washington, D.C. -$1,200 stipend -paid living expenses Deadline for applications is outlined on the website.
    More sites on www.udall.gov
    Native Access Program for Engineering
    Native American Institute - Michigan State University
      US - Central
    The mission of the Native American Institute (NAI) is to: Provide training, technical assistance, research, and educational assistance to Native American Tribes and organizations in Michigan. Serve Michigan officials and lawmakers by offering periodic information on policy alternatives regarding Indian issues. Promote and enhance the public's knowledge and awareness of Michigan Indian communities, initiatives, history, and culture.
    More sites on www.msu.edu
    Native American Multi-Cultural education School, Inc (NAMES)
      United States
    The Native American Multi-Cultural Education School (NAMES) is a 5 year old Denver-based 501c3 nonprofit school. NAMES was founded in 1996 when federal aid was cut for the Adult Basic education Program at the denver Indian Center.
    More sites on www.alphacdc.com
    Native American Multicultural Education School
    The Native American Multi-Cultural Education School, Inc. serves all cultures by teaching Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Diploma (GED), Computer Competencies, Internet, Workplace and Family Literacy. We serve all who have a need to improve their education, effectively increase career opportunities and build their leadership potential on their "walk" in this world of many cultures.
    More sites on www.alphacdc.com
    Native Directions
      United States
    Support and education for post detox Native American teens and their families
    Native Discovery - D. J. Vanas
    Odawa US - West
    D.J. “Eagle Bear” Vanas (Odawa) works with organizations that want to grow their people and with people that want to raise their levels of performance. He uses traditional Native American warrior concepts and ageless wisdom to build powerful people from the inside out, leading his clients to increase performance, thrive on change, improve leadership and nurture the quest for continuous learning in organizations across the nation.
    Native Educational Endeavors
      United States
    The Office of Native Educational Endeavors is a cooperative venture between Black Hills State University and the University of South Dakota Law School Foundation. Formed in 2005, NEE's mission is to provide educational opportunities for American Indians and to foster cross-cultural respect. At present, NEE is handling educational projects primarily for college and graduate students and K-12 Teachers funded by the Indian Land Tenure Foundation and the South Dakota Humanities Council.
    Native Family Network
      US - Northwest
    A national outreach program for families who have a child with a disability.
      US - West
    Native Youth Summer Academy and Camps offered in San Diego, CA. Follow the Red Road to the beaches of San Diego and experience a different vibe of education and wellness. Applications and Registration will fill. Submit early!
    Natural Communication Seminars
    Apache United States
    Management & Leadership Seminars using Horse. Cultural reintergration of the horse, horse camps, experiental programs.
    Navajo Learning Network
    Navajo US - Southwest
    A project sponsored by the National Science Foundation to develop the technological infrastructure of Navajo educational institutions
    Office of Diné Teacher Education
    Navajo Nation Teacher Education Consortium On this page is information related to Consortium activities as guided by the Navajo Nation Division of Education.
    Office of Indian Education Programs
    The Office of Indian Education Programs is a service organization devoted to providing quality education opportunities for American Indian people. Established in the latter part of the nineteenth century to carry out the federal government’s education commitment to Indian tribes, it has become the only national education system for American Indian children and adults. OIEP’s vision is to create a preeminent education school system by fulfilling its mission of serving children and their families from birth through life, working in partnership with Indian tribes, families, communities and American Indian education organizations.
    Oyate Research and Training
    Sioux US - Northwest
    We are a 100% Native owned and operated training companies serving tribal and Native organizations. We conduct leadership and management training; as well as design and deliver research projects.
    Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians & Alaska Natives
      US - Southwest
    The Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians & Alaska Natives (PLSI), established in 1967, is an 8-week program for Native American students who plan to attend law school in the fall. The program replicates the 1st semester of law school, in addition to building a solid network of Native lawyers who will all be entering practice at the same time after law school. Applicants must be a member of a tribe, have a bachelor's degree and taken the LSAT. (For a full list of requirements and a down-loadable application, please see the PLSI website.) There is no tuition charge, but participants should seek tribal funding for living expenses. Deadline is the last Friday in March each year. - Albuquerque, NM
    More sites on lawschool.unm.edu
    PROEIB Andes
      America - South
    Educational, research and documentation program to promote adn facilitate intercultural bilingual education amongst indigenous nations in the Andean countries. A network of higher education institutions, indigenous origanizations and ministries of education concerned with the development of intercultural bilingual education programs.
    Rediscovery International Foundation
    Drawing on the strengths of indigenous cultures and the wisdom of the elders, with a philosophy of respect and love for each other and the Earth, Rediscovery aims to empower youth of all ages to discover the world within themselves, the world between cultures, and the natural world.
    Robeson County Indian Education Program
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    The Robeson County Indian Education Program is a federally funded program serving the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina. The program serves over 11,000 American Indian students enrolled in public schools in Robeson county.
    Salish Language Institute
    Salish US - Northwest
    Home page of Nkwusm Salish Language Revitalization Institute. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates the Salish language immersion school among other programs that benefite and promote the Salish language and culture.
    San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino Scholarship Program
    More sites on www.sanmanuel.com
    Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
      Pacific - South
      Canada - Eastern
    TeKnoWave is Canada's first national program whose goal is to develop 1000 Aboriginal information technology (IT) professionals who are capable of applying information and communications technology in support of Aboriginal economic and social development goals.
    Tipu Ake Lifecycle - A Leadership Model for Innovative Organisations
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Tipu Ake (Growing from within ever upwards) is a model inspired by the courage and wisdom of the small Maori community at Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi, Te Urewera, New Zealand. They share their learning with the world for the benefit of all its future childrens.
    Tribal Law and Government Center
      US - Central
    Program at the University of Kansas, founded to prepare a new generation of advocates, particularly American Indians and other Indigenous peoples, for careers representing Indian nations and peoples, and to provide a forum for research and scholarship regarding tribal legal and governance issues.
    UCLA Extension
      United States
    UCLA Extension offers a online course in Legal Research, Analysis and Writing in a Tribal Context beginning January 14 through March 25, 2003. Presented in cooperation with Project Peacemaker, UCLA American Indian Studies Center and the Tribal Law and Policy Institute.
    UCLA Extension Tribal Learning Community
      US - West
    Presented in cooperation with the UCLA Native Nations Law and Policy Center, this series of courses is a collaborative initiative to develop, pilot, and implement Tribal Studies curricula in support of Native educational issues and community concerns. Offered fully online, these courses are available not only to regional Native nations in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the surrounding national and worldwide community who have a professional interest in tribal issues.
    More sites on www.uclaextension.edu
    United Indian Nations
      US - Southwest
    Provides adult education, job training, and vocational counseling for American Indians.
    Wabanaki Center for Native American Programs
    Wabanaki US - Northeast
    whanganui Rivercity Young Maori Wardens
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Tangatawhenua O Aotearoa NGA RANGATAHI WATENE MAORI O TE AWA O WHANGANUI (WHANGANUI RIVERCITY YOUNG MAORI WARDENS) Nga mahi aroha Ki Te Tangatawhenua O Aotearoa Mo Te Ko Tahitanga (Working for the love of the people of the land of New Zealand in Peace and Unity)
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Winterhawk Indian Youth Program
      US - Northwest
    Pacific Northwest intertribal youth program targeting students and community in south snohomish county near Seattle, WA
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Working World Training Centre
      Canada - Eastern

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