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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Porcupine Quillwork & Hair

    Resources: 11 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A Gallery of Porcupine - Christy's Rock Garden
    Although I'm not native, I've been doing quillwork for almost 30 years. My approach to this artform is contemporary, using modern materials and dyes. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to future generations to keep this medium vital and relative to an ever changing world. With this in mind, most of my jewelry is at much at home at the opera as it is at a rodeo. To encourage the evolution of quillwork, I teach the methods of quilling and promote a fresh look to where this artform could be taken. ---- Christy Ann Hensler's quillwork is *truely* amazing ----
    Ancient Artways Studio
      US - West
    Fine Quillwork by Nancy Fonicello - Quillwork is the ancient art of embroidery using porcupine quills. It originated in North America and flourished for hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans on the continent. With the advent of glass beads brought by the early fur traders, quillwork fell by the wayside, being preserved through the years by a handful of artists.
    Art & Crafts - Porcupine Quillwork
    Dene Canada - Western
    Around 1840, quillworking began to decline when native women started using beads to decorate garments. Today, however, Dene women at Fort Providence, Fort Liard and Jean Marie River still carry on this art form.
    Cindy's Quillin Pages
    Hello! Quills here! This cute little baby porkie is from Montana! Couldn't resist him & thought others might like to see him too (He's off a post card I found in a pop shop in Big Sky.) I love quillwork & make quilled items here & there as time allows. Unfortunately, once I start looking at quillwork I start oohhing & aahhing & there goes the time! Oh well! There is a page with some favorite quillwork, moose hair embroidery & other treasures I've found after long surfs through museums.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Dene Quillwork
    Dene Canada - Western
    Canada's Northwest Territory - Explorer's Guide
    Characteristics, Range, Habitat, Food, Reproduction and behavior. Great Pictures for kids.
    Porcupine Quill Wrapping Techniques on Rawhide
      United States
    Quill Wrapping - a virtual demonstration, requires Flash plugin.
    Prickly Porcupines
      United States
    Educational page about America's second largest rodent maintained by a student at the University of Southern California.
    Quill Boxes by Lorraine Besito
    Ojibwe Canada - Eastern
    Lorraine was born on the Parry Is. Reserve and has been doing quillwork since she was a girl. Her mother first taught her the craft and, after many years of study, Lorraine now does quill tufting as well as regular quill work. She collects all her own raw material and her boxes show a great variety of designs including floral, geometric, star and animal patterns. Lorraine and her daughter are the only ones on her reserve who do any type of quill work.
    The Snake with Big Feet
    A story about Porcupine Quills
    More sites on www.ilhawaii.net
    Tsistsistas (Northern Cheyenne) quilled mask for a horse
    Cheyenne US - West
    Quillworker unknown. Late 19th century. Montana. (1.4443) National Museum of the American Indian - Creation's Journey
    More sites on www.si.edu

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