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  • Resource Database / Crafts & Indigenous Skills / Beads & Beadwork

    Beads & Beadwork Sub-Categories:
  • Woven Beadwork & Wampum
  • Resources: 27 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aunt Molly's Beadwork Projects: Brick Stitch Beaded Earrings
    Teardrop shaped earring project.
    More sites on www.flash.net
    Bead Fairies Page
    Illustrated Glossary of Bead Terms A-Z
    Beaded Bead
    Bonnie Brook's techniques for covering a sphere in peyote stitch.
    Beadesigner International
    The New England Area Bead Society - is a non-profit organization devoted to the study, design and research of beads, beaded jewelry and beaded objects. Our membership consists of beadmakers, jewelry designers, collectors, shop owners, gemologists, anthropologists, researchers and generally anyone interested in beads.
    Beading Tips
    Mary J. Winters-Meyer, The Beading Banshee
    Beadweaving Basics
    Using a bead loom plus tips on beads and beading threads.
    Beadwork Designs - through Martin's Craft Shop
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    A Few Sample Designs of Beadwork (trimmed at bottom of leggings and/or skirt/wrap)
    Beginner's Peyote Earring Project
    How to make a peyote tube earring with looped fringe.
    More sites on www.flash.net
    Beltana's Beads Main Page -- Patterns, Instructions, Links and more!
    Learn Tubular Peyote; Learn Cheyenne Brick; Learn to Loom; Learn Net Stitch; Learn Spiral Rope Chain; My Patterns; My Gallery; Great Beading Links; Tools and Materials; Beading Tips
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Culturally Situated Design Tools
    Teaching math through culture. Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. This software, including a Virtual Bead Loom, will help students learn standards-based mathematics as they simulate the original artifacts, and develop their own creations.
    More sites on www.rpi.edu
    Early Bead Trade in North America
    Cherokee Messenger- Aug. 1995 Prior to settlement by Europeans, all North American Indians seem to have shared an appreciation for beads. At least eight thousand years before Europeans crossed the Atlantic, Indians were making, wearing, and trading beads of shell, pearl, bone, teeth, stone, and fossil crinoid stems.
    More sites on www.powersource.com
    Even-Count Tubular Peyote
    Even count peyote instructions from Suzanne Cooper.
    More sites on suzannecooper.com
    Flat Round Peyote
    Anne Hawley's technique for making peyote rounds that lay flat every time!
    Guide to Beadwork - The Online Version
    Basic Beading, Supplies, Techniques, Fringe, Chevron Chain, Daisy Chain, Flower Stitch, Twill Stitch, Gourd Stitch, Brick Stitch, Lace Stitch, Glossary and Search Engine
    More sites on www.guidetobeadwork.com
    Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment
      US - Central
    Students of the American Indians and of Western history are familiar with the elaborate breastplates of long, light-colored, tubular beads worn by many prominent Plains Indian men that have been depicted in photographs taken since about 1870. Yet the story of how, when, and where these picturesque ornaments originated and how the custom of wearing them was diffused widely among the Plains Indians and their neighbors has never been told. A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity By John C. Ewers Hairpipe Breastplate Anthropological Papers, No. 50 From Bureau of American Ethnology BULLETIN 164, pp. 29-85, pls. 13-37. United States Government Printing Office, Washington : 1957 Smithsonian Institution Libraries Electronic Edition 1996
    Cherokee United States
    HandThoughts is an educational, scholarly research resource site and magazine about beads, beadwork, beaded objects. Our mission emphasizes a poly-cultural perspective. Our links pages, now being revised, include extensive resources about Native Peoples' beadwork and beads, including early trade, contemporary bead art, and museum/gallery exhibitions of Native American/First Nations bead-related topics. We are also building links pages on archaeological looting, racism, and social action.
    Index of beading techniques
    Instructions for beading techniques including Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Loom Beadwork, Vertical Netting, Oglala Butterfly, Single Needle Embroidery, and other tips and tricks.
    More sites on members.tripod.com
    Iroquois Beadwork - Cultural portraits of the past & present
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    Many First Nations in Québec and Canada have long practiced beadwork. This art has become a very real tradition for two Iroquois nations in particular, the Mohawks, who live near Montreal, and the Tuscaroras, who live on the American side of Niagara Falls. This website and the McCord Museum exhibition that inspired it - Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life - are based mainly on the beadwork of these two nations. ... Be sure to visit the Kid's Zone here!
    Lane Stitch
    When, where, and how to use lane (lazy) stitch.
    Oneida Indian Bead Work Exhibit
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Oneida Women earned an important part of the family income by selling their artwork to non-Natives at tourist centers such as Niagara Falls and Saratoga Springs. Oneidas and other Iroquois created a new style for tourists which featured floral designs composed of glass beads. The raised beaded designs were applied to new shapes such as handbags, pincushions, needle cases, and wall pockets. Most of these objects were intended to be worn as accessories to women's clothing or to be displayed in Victorian parlors.
    More sites on oneida-nation.net
    Pansy Bracelet
    Showing a pansy chain stitch.
    More sites on beadwork.miningco.com
    Peyote Stitch Instructions
    Even count peyote stitch. Through Beadi's Bead Pattern World
    Quick & Easy Square Stitch
    A fast method of square stitch.
    More sites on beadwork.miningco.com
    Society of Bead Researchers
    The Society was formed in 1981 to foster research on beads of all materials and periods, and to expedite the dissemination of the resultant knowledge. Membership is open to all persons involved in the study of beads, as well as those interested in keeping abreast of current trends in bead research. The Society publishes a biannual newsletter, The Bead Forum and an annual journal, Beads. Contents of the newsletter include current research news, requests for information, responses to queries, listings of recent publications, conference and symposia announcements, and brief articles on various aspects of bead research.
    Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society
    Ojibwe US - Northeast
    Swampy Cree and Ojibway beadwork and embroidery.
    Trade Beads of the Indian Trade
    When the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez landed on the coast of Mexico in the spring of 1519, he had glass beads along with other European trade goods. In 1622, a glass factory was built near Jamestown, Virginia. Less than a year later, the factory was destroyed by a raiding party of Indians. Very few of the beads made in the Jamestown factory are believed to exist today.
    More sites on www.thefurtrapper.com
    Virtual Bead Design
    Online beadwork designer for brick-stitch or gourd stitch.

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