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  • Resource Database / Computers, Internet Portals & Technology / Indigenous Web Designers

    Resources: 23 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aurora Marketing.com
    Yupik US - Alaska
    Specializing in web site design, web site maintenance, web page design, webmaster tasks, web hosting and search engine optimization in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Northwest.
    Cante Waste
    Sioux US - Southwest
    Cante Waste (Pronounced Chah-nn-teh Wah-sh-teh (meaning Good Heart or to be happy)) is a not for profit online designing, promotions and marketing firm aimed at not for profit organizations, starting out Business owners, actors, musician and indigenous role models & artisans. Our mission is to provide american indian organizations, small business owners, actors, musicians and role models & artisans the opportunity for online development without the high expenses of hiring a private designing firm.
    GSON Studios
    Paiute US - Northeast
    A full working Graphic Design studios. Graphic Design includes Web Design, Identity Design, Print Design, Illustration, Layout, T-shirts, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Business Cards, Letterhead, etc. You name it, we can design it. We are a small Native Owned business who enjoy working with small businesses and individuals, but fully capable of working with larger businesses too.
    Sioux US - Southwest
    Imijez, is a native-owned photography and web design firm offering our services to all kinds of projects. We look forward to adding videography in the near future.
    Indigenous Dynamics Plus
    Cree Canada - Western
    iD+ is a First Nations graphic design and web development business based out of Vancouver, Canada.
    Kodja Web Design
    Nyoongar Australia
    Kodja Web Design is based in Perth, Western Australia and services business and organisations Australia wide. We offer very competitive prices backed up with personalised technical support and maintenance.
    MAAIINGAN productions
    Ojibwe Canada
    Maaiingan Productions is a new Toronto based collective of Aboriginal artists and designers engaged in media arts that work collaboratively to promote and support each otherís work. We incorporate web design, photography, graphic design, documentary and video productions. Our goal is to employ technology and artistic vision in order to present community messages evocatively and honorably, therefore making them memorable and effective.
    Native Web Marketing
    Cree Canada - Eastern
    Native Internet marketing and search engine optimization web site promoting Native American, First Nation and Aboriginal businesses.
    Apache US - Southwest
    NativeArtsNation.com is dedicated helping the Native American Art community to establish an internet presence through web design and marketing consultation solutions.
    Nikanit Web Design
    Metis Canada - Western
    Nikanit Design specializes in Professional Website Design & Services. Located on the west coast.
    Nizhoni Graphix
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Nizhoni Graphix is a full service design and development company committed to providing Native businesses with professional and cost effective web and print services. Come visit our site and see what we can do for you.
    Navajo US - Northwest
    graphic design. illustration. photography.
    Red Hand Media
    Osage United States
    Red Hand Media is a full service graphic design, web design and multi- media company fully capable of providing tribes or business with everything from brochures, web sites, video production or audio/visual tools necessary for language preservation. www.redhandmedia.com
    Reed Web Graphics
    Blackfeet US - Southwest
    Content developer and Web Specialist for Small to Mid-level businesses. We specialize in placing Culture online! Solely owned by a member of the Blackfeet Nation, we pride ourselves on quality production, at affordable pricing.
    Rick Braveheart Designs
    Iroquois US - Central
    Graphic design and web site design studios: Rick Braveheart Designs. Beauty, wonder, energy and spirit in all we create. Native American owned.
    Right Click Designs
    Apache US - Southwest
    We provide affordable website designs and graphic designs for businesses, organizations, and personal websites! We use HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash and CMS scripts.
    Sampsons Native Webdesign
    Quinault Pacific - Western
    Sampsons Native webdesign.
    Tapahe Inventive Design
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Nationally known, Navajo-owned business specializing in inventing innovative and original designs for print and web applications.
    More sites on www.tapahe.com
    Tapahe Inventive Design
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Tapahe Inventive Design is owned and operated by Indians (Navajos), with over 15 years experience in print design, we have taken this valued experience and applied it to the web. See our website to see our creative creations.
    More sites on www.tapahe.com
    The Thunderbird Group
    Ojibwe Canada
    The Thunderbird Group is a First Nation's Communications company located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We are dedicated to providing products and services that reflect the quality, workmanship and pride of our traditions and customs.
    Tribal Boy Design
    Ojibwe United States
    Dedicated to providing Native American culture through dynamic apparel, graphic design, web design, and traditional art to Natives world wide
    Webdude.ca Designs
    Cree Canada
    Webdude.ca Designs - web - graphics - flash - media - print - design for cree, mohawk and the world
    WindDancer Designs
    Cree Canada - Western
    WindDancer Designs is a 100% Native New Media (multimedia) design company that specializes in creating promotional materials that reflect the look and feel of Indigenous people. Realizing that each different Nation has their own distinct style - WindDancer designs has always assessed the needs of our clients on an individual basis.

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