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    Ain't Gotta Do Nothin But Be Brown and Die
    CMC Magazine article: Introduction to an American Indian Chat Room; July 1998, by Ellen Baird.
    American Indian Tribe Discussion Forum
    This website is intended to give you a head-start in your research on the historical background of many American Indian tribes.
    American Indians
      United States
    We welcome All interested in Native Americans and their decendants. Discussions about Native American concerns, and our history. Come read the Legendary Tales of old, and see pictures that speak without words. A great place to meet others and start friendships.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Circle of Nations message board
    Join in the discussions on American Indian culture, traditions and current issues. Through Native Circle.
    More sites on www.voy.com
      US - Southeast
    Native American website for sharing information and socializing. Welcomes all people.
    Frybread Hut
    A fun place to discuss issues concerning adoption, Religion, Native American or Indigineous issues, swap recipes and much much more.
    Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association
      US - Northeast
    The Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association is a family orientated group of Native American Indians that come together to acknowledge and share their religion, culture, spirituality and traditions in accordance with the ways of their Ancestors. GLICA is composed of many different tribes of people from various Indian Nations. Our strength lies in our diversity and our ability to live in the present while holding on the past and looking forward to the future of our people. Education is a powerful tool for all peoples.
    Inter-Tribal Rez
    This board reflects a shadow of a dream of ours. A place where any one person of any one nation can come shoot the breeze and chill.
      US - West
    Many different subjects which include Native American, history, horses, spiritual forums. Photo albums are interactive. Many different links, for research and learning. Open to all who want to learn.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Native American Meetup
    Meetup with others who are interestd in Native American culture in your area.
    Native Forum
    This board was set up as a new meeting place when the closure of another message board was announced. It is meant as a general forum for any and all topics that bear some relevance to the world's Native peoples. From politics to poetry, jokes to chit-chat, no limits here. Everyone is welcome.
    More sites on www.voy.com
    Native Lands BrotherHood
    The Native Lands brotherhood is a place where we can just hang out and be ourselves. Talk about whatever we like and don't like. Don't flame each other unless you intend to make up before the end of the night. We are all brothers here and while brothers may fight, they also make amends to each other too.Discussing Native American tribal decisions and issues concerning us all and regular chating among brothers. we can talk about sports, chicks, politics...or whatever
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Native Lands sisterhood
    The sisterhood is a great place for all native women to gather together. We talk about many different issues, from children to crafts to animals. No men are allowed in this group I apologize but we do have a brotherhood for the guys.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    native lodge
    this is a native lodge , family style group, we have many members who love to chat and meet others. We are natives from all tribes some mixed and some non natives with only love and respect to give.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Native Youth Stuff
      US - Southwest
    This Site Is For Native Youth To Come And Talk To Other Native Youth.
    The Internet chat station for Native Americans. All Nations welcome.
    People's Paths Message Center
    Lists many Native American message boards and chats.
    More sites on www.yvwiiusdinvnohii.net
    Red Nation Society
      United States
    Red Nation Society We are more than a community , we are a society. Our mission at Red Nation Society is to build a balance of Contemporary American Indians , with traditional American Indians , bringing a needed involvement with our governing society in which we live. America.
    Shawnee US - Southeast
    Redwebz is a Native American community offering message board, free email to members. We encourage community activity and welcome news, article, and art submissions.
    More sites on redwebz.org
    The Circle ~ A Community of Sharing
    Share Arts & Native Crafts, Special Stories, & Special Friends. If you are looking for information on some Art or Craft project, wondering how to make Bannock or Build something, Share information. Through WalkingBear Visions Canada
    More sites on www.voy.com
    The Red Nation Society
    Blackfeet United States
    This Is A Circle Of learning, sharing, teaching, growing, and most of all, Friendship! A melting pot of Friendship Spirits!
    Tribal America
    A self-contained Native Community serving all ages, all Nations. Includes: NativeBizDirectory AdExchange Mens Forum Womens Forum Teens Forum Crafters Elders Pow-wow Recipes Unity Forum Rez Alerts Chat rooms for all ages, including a room specifically for youth!
    More sites on tribalamerica.com
    Turtle Island Muslims
      US - Southeast
    This isn't a group for a "Native Americanized Islam". This isn't a group to exclude anyone. To the contrary, this is a group to include all so "that you may know one another".
    Turtle Island Native Network Duscussion
    Forums for events, jobs, social notes, youth, sports, and many First Nations' issue topics.
    More sites on www.turtleisland.org
    Village of First Nations Discussion Groups
    News, Announcements, Culture, Politics, Social Chats, and more topics.
    More sites on firstnations.com
    Wakinyanhotunpi Windwalker's discussion
    Let us come to this place as a family so we may read share and learn from our elders and the past for a people with no past will not have a place to stand as a people.
    More sites on groups.msn.com

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