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    Resources: 24 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    A gathering place for those who seek to change the situation of our people.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Buffalo Trust Discussion.
    A non-profit foundation for the preservation, protection, and return of their cultural heritage to Native peoples, especially children, and founded on the conviction that the loss of cultural identity – the theft of the sacred – is the most insidious and dangerous threat to the survival of Native American culture in our time.
    CDA Tribal Speak!
    Coeur d'Alene US - Northwest
    A political as well as informational site for Coeur d'Alene tribal members. Latest news and events regarding the Coeur d'Alene tribe.
    Central Fire
    Community Business, Anouncements, Conversation, News, Leonard Peltier, Protests, Reservation Issues, Pow Wows, Books, etc. Registration & Login required
    DLN Advocacy
    Dakota US - Central
    Dakota/Lakota/Nakota (DLN) Human Rights Advocacy Coalition was formed by a group of human beings who have bonded in the spirit of the Oyate...grassroots for the protection of our native peoples Human and Civil rights. We will work on behalf of the oyate to bring help and solutions to the issues of poverty, human sufferings, and many civil right violations against our peoples. This list will support those throughout the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota nations.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Fighting Whites Forum
    Native American Mascots Discussion & Site/Store Suggestions
    Firehair's Eastern Tribal People's Support and Coalition List
    Begun in early 1997, this E-list is mainly a news serve, distributing global news, and particularly US and Canadian news, of any kind regarding the daily status of native and Indigenous issues. The list also runs jokes (in good taste) poetry, requests for information, resources, some genealogical requests, events, and always, prayer needs.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Indigenous Intellectual Property Constituency
    The question of indigenous rights and the use of cultural heritage on the Internet is long overdue for consideration. The formation and implementation of the ICANN and its supporting organizations and advisory groups represents an excellent opportunity for bringing the concerns of indigenous peoples to light and for ensuring that policy and implementation efforts adequately address indigenous rights.
    ICANN VI-B(3)(b)(7) Constituency Application, by Eric Brunner and Robert P.W. Gough
    More sites on www.world.std.com
    Indigenous Sobriety
    Yuin Australia
    This group has been set up to enable Indigenous/Aboriginal people who are sober from alcohol and other drugs - to make contact and support each other. Our sober friends are welcome to join us too! So if you are happy to stay sober - one day at a time - join up so we can support each others sobriety and recovery.
    InterContinental Cry For Unity
    With a focus on Unity, Justice, Sovereignty and Decolonization - the purpose of this site is to educate, inform, share, and faciliate change by assisting movements, Nations, Groups, and People around the world through dialogue.
    MaxRebel is a global network of individuals, groups and organizations with the spirit of Anarchism working for freedom and co-operation of equals against hierarchy, capitalism, imperialism, racism. We will contribute to a positive spiritual, cultural, individual and social development of persons, groups and organizations. Our vision is the creation of a society based on Anarchy.
    Multicultural Connection
    Multicultural Connection is building a global online community that seeks to promote greater cultural awareness and understanding through interaction, articles, news links and more. We need Indigenous Peoples represented on our site! We are currently seeking blogs and articles from Indigenous people, as well. Contact the site admin.
    Native American Issues & Causes
    NAIC is dedicated to providing information and educating people about issues in Indian Country. This group is about activism, awareness, unity, spirituality and helping to make a difference for our people in Indian Country. Includes daily posts with up to date news and events in Indian Country.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    NativeNet is designed to promote dialogue and understanding regarding indigenous peoples of all parts of the world.
      United States
    NativeShare is a FREE educational/employment list serve for Native Americans. NativeShare started as a project with the Urban Indian Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1999, to identify and share opportunities with local Natives people. Today, the group has grown to well over 1200 Natives throughout the United States and Canada. NativeShare sends out weekly education, employment, and select event digests. Since the creation of the list serve, NativeShare averages three digest postings a week and is moderated by Alyssa Burhans and Jennifer Villalobos.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Northern CA Native events & news
      US - West
    Northern CA Native Events and News Group. A New Bulletin Board / E-mail List To view the bulletin board go to the following Web Site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ncanativeeventsandnews/ To recieve annoucments from this site click on join on the home page, or reply to this e-mail with a note that you would like to be added. To send in announcements or press releases use the post feature on the site, or the following e-mail address: harvest95546@yahoo.com If you have questions you don’t want to post on the site, you can also send e-mail to: Harvest McCampbell: harvest95546@yahoo.com Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested! Harvest http://profiles.yahoo.com/harvest95546 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ncanativeeventsandnews/
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    Puyallup Tribal News.com
    Puyallup US - Northwest
    This web site is a labor of love staffed by volunteers dedicated to fostering connections and understanding among members of the Puyallup Tribe and the surrounding Native Community. We ask the Puyallup Tribal Community to contribute materials to this site. We will post anything for Tribal Members free of charge provided you say who you are and are respectful of others.
    Race Relations at SisterPlay.com
      US - Southeast
    Race Relations at Sisterplay.com is the newest meeting on the web for those interested in exploring Race Relations in America. The site features links to the best on the web for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and all of the other peoples in America's melting pot. An interactive and accurate resource on issues such as current and historical events, news, politics, voter registration, discrimination, racism, affirmative action, education, slavery reparations, multi-racial issues, racial history, criminal justice, ethnic heritage and more. The site features a discussion forum and offers readers the opportunity to comment on blogs on issues in the news regarding race relations.
      America - South
    The South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC), an Indigenous-run organization in Oakland, California which strives to link the struggles of the Indian peoples of the Americas, sponsors this list. This list is dedicated to the dissemination of news, information, and analysis of Indigenous movements in Mexico, Central and South America from an Indigenous perspective. It includes urgent action alerts and selected articles from SAIIC's quarterly journal Abya Yala News.
    More sites on saiic.nativeweb.org
      Canada - Western
    Sovernet-l is a source for primary documentation, press statements from Native Nations, support letters, transcriptions of interviews, articles, investigative journalism and research pieces, court proceedings, and any other news item concerning indigenous sovereignty.
    PLEASE NOTE that this is a list for distribution of news and information, not discussion.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Stuck in Fiji Mud
      Pacific - South
    I have adopted the United States of America, declaration of Independence against these iconic symbols of corruption and other Isms and Skisms that enslaves the common person beneath a yoke of social oppression and economic servitude in Fiji under the guise of cultural conservation. Acting as a information conduit for the cohesive development of Fiji irrespective of race, color or creed. Combating mis-information and corrupt cronyism and empowering people to fight this in Fiji.
    The Talking Circle
    General chit-chat and discussion of issues and current events. Through Indianz.Com.
    More sites on www.indianz.com
    Turning Point: Native Peoples and Newcomers On-Line
    Turning Point provides a forum for respectful dialogue and information sharing between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. It was initiated by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal volunteers and is sponsored by the Centre for Social Justice, and the Coalition for the Advancement of Aboriginal Studies, Toronto, Ontario; Under A Northern Sky: Aboriginal Peace and Justice Circle and Seven Generations Education Institute, of northwestern Ontario; University of Manitoba Native Studies Program and Mello-Simon/University of Winnipeg Conflict Resolution Program of Winnipeg, Manitoba; and K-Net Services of Keewaytinook Okimakanak, a Northern Ontario chief's council.
    Y? The National Forum On People's Differences

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