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    Resources: 20 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Beadwork Bulletin Board - The Mining Co.
    Spam-free environment to ask and answer questions, share experience and, best of all, make new beadfriends (requires login).
    Cactus Feathers Crafts & Native American Interests
    Join in sharing information about arts and crafts, or help a story to unfold.
    More sites on www.voy.com
    First Nation Actors
    First Nation Actors is a not for profit website develped for the explicit purpose of enabling First Nation Actors to network with other FN Actors and Industry figures across Turtle Island. If you are a casting director, agent or otherwise please feel free to post 'free'casting notices, events,industry information and helpful tips in the message board. No 'pay for audition' notices allowed.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Message Board at HistoricalTrekking.com
    Dedicated to the world of trekking, but not limited to that topic alone.
    Muzzleloading Forum
    Discussion for weapons, reenacting, events, clothing & gear, photos, primary documents and more. Including forums for the F&I War, Historical trecking, Historically correct clothing and equiptment, etc.
    Native American and Colonial History discussion web
    This discussion web is devoted to exploring the history and culture of New England during the period of 1600 to 1800 from the perspective of both the Native American population and the early colonial settlers.
    Native American Crafts & Chat
    The community is open to anyone with interests in NA Crafts and all things related to those topics. Members range from professionals to hobbyists to people that just want to learn more about NA Crafts.
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Native American Indigenous Cinema & Arts
      US - Central
    NAICA is an interactive website and forum featuring exhibitions, gallery talks, and interviews with established as well as up-and-coming aboriginal filmmakers, performing artists, writers, and visual artists.
    Native Celebs
    For giving and receiving info and opinions on Native Celebrities. Please do not impart info/opinions harmful to the celebrity, and be courteous to fellow fans and celebrities. Some of them may actually browse these pages.
    More sites on www.nativecelebs.com
    This forum is dedicated to the sharing, re-discovery, and preservation of some of the nearly lost Native American technology skills, including, but not limited to, flintknapping, ethnobotany, primitive pottery, primitive archery, atlatls, cordage making, beading, quillwork, basketry, and brain-tanning of leather.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    This is a list for the discussion of natural dyes -- materials and techniques.
    More sites on groups.yahoo.com
    ONABEN Forums
    Upcoming events in Indian Country - pow wows, rodeos, arts & crafts fairs and Tribal celebrations.
    More sites on www.onaben.org
    Together, we can turn this site into the most happening prehistoric technology site in the world. Make yourselves at home and if you like what you find here, tell a friend. The more, the merrier!
    Powwow Trail
    for posting new and/or updated powwow information. Feel free to post any questions you might have about powwows in general. Keep in mind that this board is open to all age groups. Through Wind Thru Her Hair Powwow Listings.
    Powwows.com Virtual Gathering
    Topically organized discussions about events, issues, dance styles, beadwork & crafts. Through Pow Wow Dancing
    More sites on www.powwows.com
    Site hosted by RÉUNION The Band, promoting the inter connection of world tribal peoples. The project called the Global Indigenous Peoples Outreach Programme has been launched on the website. The Planet Lion Earth Tour which will take place in 2006 aims to actively link all indigenous peoples, musicians and tribal elders...
    More sites on www.reuniontheband.com
    Singing Wire
    Navajo US - Southwest
    A place to gather and post, all people welcome, anything is ok to say, but nothing offensive. Through Navajo Spaceships.
    More sites on www.voy.com
    Syracuse Online: Lacrosse Forum
    Also see the forum for the Varsity Lacrosse ... Through Syracuse University - It's all about high school sports. Root for the home team, beat up on the crosstown rival, share your passion!
    The Hide Out
    The Hide Out is a community devoted to helping you with traditional tanning methods, leather craft and related arts such as: Brain Tanning, Bark Tanning, Alum Tawing, Rawhide, Par-fleche, Leather crafting, Using the Whole Critter, Dying Hides, and more.
    More sites on www.braintan.com
    The Red Eagle Gallery Bulletin Board
    a bulletin board to allow visitors to ask questions about their ancestors or exchange ideas about beading, quilling or other Native American topics about which they have questions or information.

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