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    Resources: 25 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    AKAN of Africa - Cultural Symbols Project
    The art of a particular culture can reveal ever changing human images and attitudes, so awareness of a people's indigenous art, visual and cultural symbols can become an important medium for cross-cultural understanding.
    All Things Cherokee Wall Calendar
    Cherokee United States
    This twelve month, full-color calendar includes photos, historic information, and even driving directions to sites of significance to the Cherokee people.
    More sites on www.allthingscherokee.com
    American Indian Arts and Crafts
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB) of the U.S. Department of the Interior have joined forces to combat the deceptive marketing of arts and crafts products as made by American Indians. Representatives from both agencies have surfed the Internet to locate websites that advertise American Indian arts and crafts.
    Argentina fine Art & Crafts
    Mapuche America - South
    Shinkal is the Argentina´s on line retailer of fine art and fine craft, created by an artist network including Mapuche, Wichí and Chiriguano Nations.
    Artes Scribendi
    For over fifteen years I have worked with individual artists, museums, centers and governments on various projects aimed at preserving and promoting Native heritage and culture.
    Artists' Views of Native Americans
    The Indian was a favorite subject of many European and American born artists during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There was a wide range of viewpoints ex- pressed in this art, with an idealized image of the Indian as a "noble savage" being a frequent choice. Other artists saw their role as one of documenting an accurate picture of Indians and their society in a time when it was already disappearing.
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    Books Documenting Native American Art History
    A list of some of the many books in the University Library at USC which documents the history of Native American art.
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    Collector's Guide to Art in New Mexico
      US - Southwest
    On-line collection of Southwest art resources, featuring more than 400 galleries and artist studios in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and Central & Southern New Mexico.
    More sites on www.collectorsguide.com
    Copying Crafts
    Sophisticated knock-offs of handmade Native American arts and crafts manufactured in countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, and Mexico pose a threat to the legitimate Indian arts and crafts industry.
    The Collective Resources for the Arts and Talents Enrichment (CREATE) is a civil society effort working for the development of the arts and artists in Cameroon.
    Indian Arts and Crafts Association
    The Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1974 to support the effective protection and ethical promotion of authentic Native American art and material culture. IACA has more than 700 members throughout the United States and five foreign countries. Members include Native American artists, wholesale and retail dealers, museums, collectors and others who support the goals of the organization.
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    The Main Maori Site on the Internet. Information and links on Maori culture, history, traditions, iwi, kapa haka, performing arts, carving, tattooing, genealogy and more.
    More sites on www.maori.org.nz
    Michigan Native Arts Initiative
      US - Northeast
    The Michigan Native American Arts Initiative is a project to help strengthen Native American arts in Michigan. The goal is to find ways to creatively increase the sharing of information between and about artists and to strengthen opportunities for support and recognition of artists. The project recognizes that Native American culture celebrates the arts through objects, painting, dance, theater, writing, oratory, and music. The site, hosted by Michigan State University Museum, includes an Artist Gallery, Info for Artists, Info for Educators, Links, and a Listserv.
    Native American Art
    Native American art is the oldest form of art in this country -- covering some 25,000 years. Yet it has been the last to be recognized as more than historical artifact. Now, thanks to the work of art historians, archeologists, and ethnohistorians, there is a greater recognition of the continuity of Native North American art.
    More sites on www.usc.edu
    Native American Art Resources on the Internet
    Karen Strom's Amazing list including: Study Guides, Group Exhibits, Individual Artists, Other Exhibits, Other Native American Art Related Sites, also see her Native American Related Museums listings.
    More sites on www.hanksville.org
    Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education, History Science -- Gateway
    Paula Giese's Meta-site including Native maps, stories, First Nation's Issues, articles on art including painting, beadwork, basketry, Native astronomy, herbal knowledge, food & recipes, Native books and schools and much much more. (Paula sadly passed away a few years ago, Karen Strom now houses her website.)
    More sites on www.kstrom.net
    Santa Fe Arts and Culture
      US - Southwest
    An extensive online resource for residents and visitors alike featuring up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in Santa Fe’s vibrant cultural community. There is extensive information on about Native American feast days and dances, artist studio tours, local entertainment and more.
    The Brown Pages
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    The Brown Pages is Aotearoa, New Zealands, Indigenous Media Directory. An annual directory of Maori & Pacific Peoples. It lists 450 people working in Film, TV, Radio, Arts & Multimedia. Available now to order.
    Tibetan Cultural Region Directory
    Award-winning extensive listing of websites for all things Tibetan. Arranged in 21 categories with over 1,000 sites listed.
    More sites on www.kotan.org
    Apache US - Southwest
    Reference Guide: Tiller's Guide to Indian Country: Economic Profiles of American Indian Reservations, 2005 edition, 1136 Pgs. Biblio. Index. Maps Albuquerque: BowArrow Publishing Co. - 100% Indian Woman owned company
    More sites on tillerresearch.com
    Trapper Demonstrations and Culture Shows
    Cree Canada - Western
    Trapper demonstrations and culture shows featuring Gerald McKenzie and Franklin Carriere.
    Tribal Law Intellectual Property Home Page
    ICANN VI-B(3)(b)(7) Constituency Application -- The question of indigenous rights and the use of cultural heritage on the Internet is long overdue for consideration. The formation and implementation of the ICANN and its supporting organizations and advisory groups represents an excellent opportunity for bringing the concerns of indigenous peoples to light and for ensuring that policy and implementation efforts adequately address indigenous rights. This proposal for the Indigenous Intellectual Property Constituency (IIPC) will provide a vehicle for this goal, consistent with the fundamental goal of providing a constituency vehicle for all trademark, intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting interests in the Internet Communities.
    More sites on www.world.std.com
    United States Code - Title 18
    Misrepresentation of Indian produced goods and products (# 1159)
    More sites on www.law.cornell.edu
    What is a Native American Artist?
    Reference materials on "The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990".
    More sites on www.artnatam.com
    Ojibwe Canada
    wikwemikong manitoulin

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