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    Resources: 24 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Cree Canada
    Abormedia is a multimedia facility with the highest forms of print and video technology in the industry. We understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the latest technology that increases quality and lowers the cost of our services. Abormedia is the one stop shop for all of you video and printing needs.
    Aloha Island Treasures
      US - Hawaii
    My name is Bill Nahalea, a Native Hawaiian for the island Of Maui Hawaii. I now make my Home in Seattle, Washington, my Girlfriend and I operate a full services Hawaiian company here in Seattle. Services include: Halau Hula O Napualani(Hawaiian Dance Hula & Tahitian Teaching's), Hale Halawai O Hawaii Multicultural Learning Center 501-C Agency, promoting the love for Family through Dance, Music, Singing, Craft Making's Etc., and Hawaii Showcase Television Magazine(Seattle Washington's Only Contemporary Hawaiian TV Show Seattle Channel 29/77. This is Our Living this what we do, Promote the love for Family, Land, Water, Respect for others. Bill Nahalea & Gloria (Napua)Fujii
    Buffalo Jump
    Cree Canada - Western
    Multimedia work of First Nations Artist Glenn Griffiths. Site includes plenty of original work, the internets best Java, some custom Java, animated .gifs, tilable backgrounds, screensavers, graphics and much more. Site is constantly being updated.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Canada's Aboriginal Digital Collections
      Canada - Western
    Canada's Pacific Coast/Canadian Museum of Civilization - The displays focus primarily on traditional culture, while the exhibits inside the houses examine contemporary issues. Those interior exhibits are being developed in cooperation with the Native people of the region concerned. In some houses short-terms exhibits showing selections from the Museum's collection may be seen while the cooperative exhibits are under development. The Museum is home to the world's largest and finest collection of totem poles, many of which are displayed in the Grand Hall.
    More sites on collections.ic.gc.ca
    Copper Wolf Arts
      Canada - Western
    COPPER WOLF ARTS Copper Wolf Arts' creates opportunities for the public to view quality Native Art and for Native artists to gain broader audiences for their creations. We hold regular viewings in our gallery, lease/sell Native Art, prepare design and installation proposals and supervise secure installation. Through careful recruitment of a broad range of Aboriginal artists, Copper Wolf is able to offer its clients a selection of painted and carved works in a variety of media from emerging and established artists.
    Crosses of the Earth
    A networking art project: Homage to indigenous people. Please send your cross! All entries will be installed at the year 2000 in Santiago de Chile.
    El Studio Granados Fine Arts
    Apache Mexico
    Contemporary Native American Multi-Media Fine Arts Site. It also features "Native Mentors" and other News and links.
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Graphic design/artistic display of grooves and graphics meshed with the electronic undeground, hip hop and native styles.
    Ermineskin Cree Gallery
    Cree Canada
    A web sit designed to promote the Ermineskin Cree Nation. A promotional tool for economic development as well as having a virtual gallery featuring authentic art, carvings, beaded mocassins, beaded jewelery, pendleton blankets.
    Gallery of Taino Images
    These images were contributed by members of the Taino Inter-Tribal and others who have granted permission for their display here. We hope the images support the Taino people's struggle for national identity.
    More sites on www.hartford-hwp.com
    joane cardinal-schubert
    Kainai Canada - Western
    Joane Cardinal -Schubert is a multi-media visual and installation artist, writer, lecturer, free-lance curator and director of film and video.
    Kuru Kalahari - virtual exhibition
    The Africaserver in cooperation with the Kuru Art Project released its 10th virtual exhibition with 61 work of arts (recent oilpaintngs and survey of graphics) of 17 Kuru - San artists living deep in the Kalahari of Botswana. A remarkable development which started in 1990 when a group of the San people , living in D'Kar in the western Kalahari, went on excursion to the Tsodilo Hills in Northern Botswana, a group of hills famous for its rockpaintings by the San people. They were excited to see the art of their ancestors, that they too wanted to start painting.
    Maori Clip Art
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Maori Clip Art Gallery - you can download the images, colour them and change them. Free!
    Native American Artists' Home Page
    Only Native American Artists are presented at this site. The variety and quality of their work speaks for itself. This is a juried collection of works. Please note that all Art displayed is Copyrighted by the individual Artist. The Art Work may be downloaded and posted on other sites, if credit is given to the artist and a link provided back to the Artist's Exhibit.
    Information on the "The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990" (P.L. 101-644) is also made available here.
    More sites on www.artnatam.com
    Native American Images
      US - Central
    An image gallery about Native American people, places and land. This award winning site contains links to exceptional Native American websites as well as photo images created by the author.
    Plains Indian Ledger Art - CD-ROM project
    More sites on weber.ucsd.edu
    PWAMOWIN Integrated Communications
    Cree Canada - Northern
    PWAMOWIN Integrated Communication is an award winning Design and Marketing firm with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Timmins Ontario,
    The Arapaho Project
    Arapaho US - West
    Virtual Gallery Tour - the role of the artist, beadwork and quillwork, the parfleche, Sand Creek Massacre art - hosted by the University of Colorado
    The Virtual Keeping House: A First Nations Gallery
    Basketry, Blankets, Carving, Cooking, Drum, Footwear, Game/Sport, Men's wear, Ornament, Pottery, Sculpture, Women's wear
    More sites on www.sicc.sk.ca
    Tribal Fires: Traditional & Contemporary Native American Art
    Ojibwe US - Central
    This website is dedicated to Native Artists and Writers. Also, dedicated to Anishinabe Cultural Preservation in Arts, Language and Living.
    More sites on www.tribalfires.com
    Trophies of Honor
    Art Chronicles of Indigenous Peoples
    More sites on www.msstate.edu
    Who stole the teepee? NMAI
      United States
    Reflections on Native Realities: "Who stole the tee pee?" is a question posed by artist George Littlechild. It's another way of asking, "What happened to our traditions?" Missionaries, soldiers, teachers, government officials, and social reformers took away much of what our ancestors had. Did they steal the tee pee? Or did they create a situation in which some of our relatives were more than willing to give it up?
    More sites on www.nmai.si.edu
    Woodlands and Plains art - Americas Fascinating Indian Heritage
    Woodlands and Plains art utilize familiar materials and distinctive design elements. Appreciation of the regional and tribal design elements can be gained with increased study and analysis. These particular examples will illustrate distinctive chronological and tribal categories.
    A CD-ROM on the new Inuit Territory now making up 20% of the land mass of Canada.

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