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    Resources: 21 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    alaska caribou antler jewelry
    Quileute US - Northwest
    authentic handmade native american art work made by laura asbell.
    Arctic Ways
    Gwitch'in US - Alaska
    Our arts are a reflection of our way of life and keep our cultural traditions alive. Each item is one of a kind, authentic, and hand made; crafted by Native Athabascans in remote villages of the Alaskan interior. We use moose skin, caribou skin and hair, moose bone, birch wood and other natural material.
    Ben Gorman Homepage - Navajo Silversmith
    Navajo US - Southwest
    A Navajo Indian living on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. A silversmith (jeweler) and a graphic designer / illustrator specializing in contemporary Native American design. Topics: About Navajo People, About Navajo Silversmithing, Scenic Places, Contact
    More sites on www.sunshinestudio.com
    Eagle Fugitive, Nelson Cross, Traditional Haida Artist
    Haida Canada - Western
    Exquitely hand-carved haida jewellery by renowed artist, Nelson Cross. Custom order your keepsake or gift today! Specializing in wedding band sets to ensure a truly memorable day!
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Eagle Wear Int'l
    Mohawk US - Northeast
    St Regis Mohawk Reservation, Awesasne, NY/Canada Retail/wholesale beadwork & Native crafts. Links to Iroquois websites.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Authentic fine Navajo jewelry and collectibles on the Navajo Nation. Buying and selling hand-made Navajo indian bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, pottery, rugs, turquoise and much more.
    Jewelry by Echota Cherokee Michael Anthony Cheatham
    Cherokee US - West
    Information site with pictures of my jewelry, my bio and shows I will be attending. I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, IACA.
    John McLaren
    Dakota Canada
    Traditional Dakota Sioux Native Beadwork by John McLaren of Southern Manitoba, wide variety of assrtd beadwork. Mitakuye Owasin
    More sites on groups.msn.com
    Lefthand Studio
    Navajo US - West
    Spiritual, cultural and environmental jewelry art, handcrafted by contemporary Navajo jewelry artist, Nathan Lefthand.
    Metal Arts Group Native American Jewelry
    Tlingit US - Northwest
    Metal Arts Group offers sterling silver jewelry culturally attuned to the Native American by a variety of Tlingit (and non-Native) designers. Handcrafted originals reflect the accord between man and nature.
    Native American Jewelry by silversmith White Eagle
    Apache United States
    Native American Jewelry direct from artists
    Dakota US - Central
    Redthunder Designs is an Indian owned business bring traditional native art and jewelry from the reservations of South Dakota and from Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
    NativeHorn: Aboriginal Quality Crafts
    Mohawk Canada
    Aboriginal, hand-made, quality, unique pieces for adornment or to showcase in your home. Men's, women's & children's breastplates,choker's, necklaces. All made with glass beads, leather, antiqued hair pipe bone, Abalone & cowrie shells, and solid French brass beads.
    Silverbear Studio and Gallery
    Zuni US - Southwest
    Carlton and Julie Jamon, of the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico, have been making jewelry since 1984. Carlton and Julie Marie Jamon's work is confirmation of their Native American heritage in the 21st century world. Their jewelry is rich with Indian meaning, but its sleek, contemporary flair and design give it universal appeal. Carlton is a native of the Zuni Pueblo and Julie Marie is a Navajo from Toadlena.
    Thunderbird Designs
    Cree Canada - Northern
    Thunderbird Designs is an aboriginal art retailer. We produce beautiful hand carved eagle feather earring. We are always featuring new artists and art products. See our website for more details.
    Thunderchild Productions
      Canada - Western
    I taught myself to bead thirteen years ago and dedicate my craft to my Mother Celine and to the memory of my great- grandmother Jean St-Pierre who taught me how to make the collars when I was seven. She was and will always be my inspiration. Beadwork is a dying art and something that should be taught more, hopefully this site will inspire others.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Turquoise Village
    Zuni US - Southwest
    Located at the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico we offer the finest selection of Zuni, Hopi & Navajo turquoise & silver jewelry as well as fetishes, pottery, kachinas & Navajo rugs. Free Shipping
    Two Pueblo Maidens
    Laguna US - Southwest
    Contemporary Native American Jewelry and Gifts
    Wampum Magic
    Unkechaug US - Northeast
    My pieces embody aesthetic beauty and great historical value. The main ingredient used in my work is called Quahog, otherwise known as “Wampum.” Wampum has been characterized as one of the original forms of currency used in the United States.
    Wampum Trading Post
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    Our site contains our creation of Wampum Jewelry. We invite you to explore our handmade jewelry. Each piece is constructed by our family. We thank you for your visit.
    Wintun Jewelry and Arts
    Wintu US - Southwest
    Pacific Caliornia Northwest Jewelry of the Wintun Tribe and other surrounding tribes. Jewelry consisting of shells, indeginous beads, and basektry.

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