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    Resources: 87 listings
    Name and Description Nation Location
    Enjoy the beauty of original art from one of Canada's great Aboriginal Artists. Mr. Isbister's works are a combination of contemporary and stylized art. Much of his works are based on Aboriginal Folk Lore.
    Abenaki Art Works
    Abenaki Canada
    Originals by Abenaki Artist Carmen Hathaway
    Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew
    Metis Canada
    Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew is Métis from northern Alberta. He is editor of the ConunDrum Online Aboriginal Arts Magazine that premiered in July 2005 produced by Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery. He has exhibited internationally and his writing has been published in Fuse, MIX and the anthologies "The Multiple and Mutable Subject, and Caught in the Act. New articles will be appearing in the anthologies Transmission, Technology and Tradition, INDIANacts and Tiré ŕ part/Off Printing.
    Alaskan Native artist Clarissa Hudson
    Tlingit US - Northwest
    Alaskan Native artist Clarissa Hudson, Chilkat Blanket weaving, ceremonial button blanket robes, paintings, sculpture, fabric art, information about Northwest Coast art and artists, Tlingit Indian.
    Ancient Ways
    Arapaho US - West
    Arapaho beader Marcus Dewey has spent hours researching traditional beadwork designs, but when it comes down to translating those patterns into his own work, the creation process often occurs while he is sleeping.
    Anishinabeg Mashkode Arts
    Ojibwe US - Northwest
    This site is for Native American Traditional Education and Art. I specialize in cradle making and I am also a Native impressionist painter. Traditional Native Arts Oil and Acrylic Paintings takinagan/hoksi unpapi (cradleboards) tanning hides Traditonal Native Clothing Cradle Video Instruction Available
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    April Mercredi - Talking Stick Art
    Metis Canada - Western
    April Mercredi's aboriginal (Metis) heritage shines through in an exciting use of color, found objects and texture as she explores native traditions and nature converging with present day experiences.
    Aural Studios
    Cherokee US - Northwest
    Cherokee Beadwork Artist Bandolier Bags of the Woodland Native American Indians. Custom orders: Traditional or Contemporary
    Australian Aboriginal Art and Designs
      Australia - Torres Strait
    Australian Aboriginal Art and Designs by/Stephen Hogarth All handpainted Art Designs and Souvenirs
    Authentic Siberian Native Art
    Sibirga Europe & Russia
    I am Akkanat (White Wing), the Son of the Skies (Tribal title), the Head of the Kin and a shaman; I greet you, Friends! Spiritual powers of the Sky, the Earth and of Siberia greet you too! I am from the kin of Sibirgins (the word Siberia originated from the name of my tribe), - Akkanat
    Belcourt, Christi
    Metis Canada
    Like generations of Métis and First Nation women beadworkers and quillworkers before her, Belcourt celebrates the beauty of flowers while exploring their symbolic properties.
    Black Crow's Art Gallery
    Black Crow's Gallery pages are designed to make browsing easy. This Gallery Index is organized by categories, so that the entire set of drawings does not load all at once. Links from the Gallery Index lead to each category, where thumbnails of all drawings are displayed, with links to the full-size images.
    More sites on www.nativeweb.org
    Broken Vulture Art
    Anishinaabe Canada - Northern
    Paintings, sculpture, objects, beadwork: traditional and contemporary.
      US - Southwest
    art by MANUEL SAMANIEGO- El trabajo del arte de Manuel Samaniego. Algunos de los trabajos artísticos están en el progreso.
    Buffalo Bull Howling , Arapaho Artist Gallery
    Arapaho US - Central
    Artwork and online Gallery of a Arapaho artist. Displaying and spotlighting contempoary expression of the Plains Indian. Site created by Native hands, colorful perspectives and original Ideas.
    Yakama US - West
    This site is an ongoing gallery of this Yakama and Pawnee artist's work, which include several paintings, poetry, and plays. Also upcoming on the site is current events in the artist's career, residing in Longmont, Colorado. Bunky's work is very contemporary, often challenging his audience to expand their views and perception of Native people.
    Cherokee Images -- Tribal Art by Ken Masters
    Cherokee US - Central
    Cherokee Pottery, stories and historical information.
    Coast Salish Artist Joe Jack
    Cowichan Canada - Western
    Artist Joe Jack was born and raised on the Cowichan Indian Reserve on Vancouver Island. The spectacular beauty, and history of this vast ancient community is where he finds both the inspiration, and the creativity to carve distinctively elegant works of traditional Coast Salish Art.
    Creations by Native American Artist David A. Montour
    Sculptor, flute carver, painter and musician…A young man of numerous talents, this vibrant Native American began to nurture his creative talents at a young age, growing up in New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana. His mother is a member of the Potawatomi and Ottawa people. His father is a member of the Mohawk and Cayuga people.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Cree Canada
    Personal Portfolio of an Edmonton Born Native Graphic artist specializing in Websites, poster design, photograpghy n' a little professional modeling
    Dance Of The Sun Gallery
      US - Northwest
    Native American Art: Solar Pyrography, portrait art
    Deborah Russell
    Lenape US - Southwest
    My writing,painting,digital art and photography. Some images from National Powwow in Washington DC, CSU and Denver Powwow. Some photographs of and poems for Sharon Burch, Joanna Shenendoah, Jay Winter Nightwolf, Leonard Peltier, Robert Redford and Mary Youngblood.
    DJ Gordo soundclick.com
    Navajo United States
    I'm Navajo and I create hip hop music. I just want reviews from fellow Natives about my Skills. Thanks
    More sites on www.soundclick.com
    Dreamtime Kullilla-Art
    Michael J Connolly of Dreamtime Kullilla-Art an Australian Aboriginal Artist from the Kullilla tribe of SW Queensland, Australia. He has a Certificate of Aboriginality
    Enoch Kelly Haney Native American Art Gallery
    Seminole United States
    Master Artist of the Five Civilized Tribes Enoch Kelly Haney is a world renowned Seminole Indian artist who has exhibited works all over the world. He is currently involved in artistic projects regarding the State Capitol building of the state of Oklahoma, and was recently selected as the winning artist in a competition to create a sculpture that will top a brand new $20 million dome that will be built in the next two years on top of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Come and see a wide selection of prints, paintings, and sculpture at an affordable price!
    First Nation Paintings and Poetry by North West Coast Salish Artist Darlene Gait
    Salish Canada - Western
    Darlene Gait was born on Vancouver Island and began painting as a child. Inspired by Nature and her First Nations Heritage, her work is unique in that it is created with emotions that allow the viewer to connect and relate to the stories told through her brush. Her poetry, created with each painting, allows people to understand each image through the artist’s perception. She is recognized internationally, her art is exhibited and held in private and public collections and her limited edition Giclees and prints are sold in galleries worldwide.
    Gitksan Paintbrush
    Gitxsan Canada - Northern
    Gitksan Paintbrush features J.P. Morgan, Gitksan Artist,her books as well as her Orginal artwork shown Vancouver and Ottawa Museums in Canada. She has several Limited Edition Prints - signed, All native artwork and Yellow cedar Carved works, Moosehide Mukluks,Beaded and Silver Carved Jewelry of Local Artist's - All museum quality!
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Maori Art and Free Clipart to use!
    Assiniboine United States
    My wife and I native beadwork site. A mix of Columbia Plateau and Assinboine bead work.
    Half Moon Studios
    Cree Canada - Western
    First Nation Art of Birch Bark Bitings & Transparencies
    Harry Whitehorse Art
    Ho-Chunk US - Northeast
    An online gallery devoted exclusively to the paintings, wood sculptures, metal sculptures, snow sculptures, multi media sculptures, and bird carvings of Ho-Chunk Nation elder Harry Whitehorse.
    intelligent art forms
    Caddo United States
    A Native American, A Caddo Indian's view of scientific ideas seen as Fine Art.
    Inuit Artists
    Inuit Canada
    An Online Exhibit of the Riverside Municipal Museum
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    Specializes in the traditional Native American art. You will find information on breastplates, chokers, drums, rattles, leatherwork and beadwork all designed and hand made by owner Ricky M. Hill, a Mohawk/Tuscarora. Ricky Hill passed away May 16, 2001 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. Please feel free to peruse the beautiful work that Ricky did during his short time with us.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    James A. Simon Mishibinijima
    Ojibwe Canada - Eastern
    James Simon is a world-renowned native artist from Wikwemikong, Ontario, Canada. Through his art he puts us right into the rhythm of existence, and demonstrates the necessary connection and harmony with Mother Earth.
    Cree Canada - Northern
    jamesbayartits.ca is a multifaceted creative communications and information technology development agency
    More sites on jamesbayartists.ca
    Jeanette Katoney, Navajo Artist
    Navajo US - Southwest
    As an abstract artist, my inspirations come mostly from the Navajo female weavers in my family. My mother, Alice Katoney, has been a weaver all her life. Growing up on the Navajo Reservation near Hardrock, Arizona, I was influenced by my mother, aunts and grandmother. Now several of my nieces are rug weavers as well. I chose to express myself in two dimensional abstract media.
    Joane Cardinal-Schubert
    Kainai Canada
    Visual artist, writer, curator, lecturer, director of video and theatre, receipient of many honours and awards, internationally collected and exhibited, Hon Doctor of Laws ( U of Calgary, 2003); Queen's Jubilee Medal, 2003; Commemorative medal of Canada, 1996. memebr of Royal Canadian Academy of ARts since 1986
    More sites on collections.ic.gc.ca
    Embera America - South
    Intuitive visionary starseed and spirit art by Yamile Yemoonyah, created to inspire the transformation of Mother Earth back into the beautiful planet she is meant to be!
    More sites on www.freewebs.com
    Kawaiisu Native American artist David Laughing Horse Robinson: acrylic paintings, steel sculptures
    Kawaiisu US - Southwest
    David Laughing Horse Robinson is a Kawaiisu Native American artist who creates acrylic paintings, steel sculptures and etchings on steel plates. He works at California State University, Bakersfield, as an Instructional Technician. Laughing Horse teaches students how to use the materials and equipment necessary to create ceramics, paintings, photography and sculpture.
    More sites on www.angelfire.com
    Ken Rainbow Cougar Edwards
    Colville US - West
    Ken "Rainbow Cougar" Edwards, is a talented artist and entertainer from the Colville Indian Reservation in the state of Washington. Ken provides an opportunity for his audience to see hear and take part in traditional Indian stories and games. His is best known for his story-telling.
    More sites on www.msstate.edu
    Kenneth Johnson
    Muscogee US - West
    Kenneth Johnson, Muscogee/Seminole metalsmith featuring handmade jewelry, gorgets, bracelets and coin jewelry.
    keshkosa's Native American Artworks
    Potawatomi US - Central
    My Name is Robert Lara. Kesh-ko-sa in Potawatomi.I make all kinds of native american artworks.Dance Fans of all styles ,Gourds,Dance staffs,Otter hats, Gourd Dance sets. All kinds of custom works. I also paint and draw. I do Peyote Style Beadwork as well as brick stitch. I make Native American Church Feather Fans as well as Roadman Sets Custom to order. Peyote Drumsticks and much more. All my beadwork is one of a Kind.
    Lakota Artist
    Lakota US - Central
    On this site you find items for sale hand crafted by an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota, the artist Robert Apple. His work is crafted using traditional and modern designs and techniques and always is from the heart.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Lone Elk Creations
    Lakota US - Southwest
    Native American Dolls. Handmade, unique, traditional. Made from genuine accessories ranging from buffalo hide to glass trade beads. Dolls collected by museums, galleries, private and public collectors. See website for more information on these collectable and fine quality dolls made by Lakota Doll Artist, Diane Tells His Name
    Loudthunder's Freedom Feathers
    Lakota US - Southeast
    Painted Flag motif feathers, beaded earrings, veteran motif beaded baseball caps by Lakota craftsman Johnny Loudthunder
    makonse gallery
    Ojibwe Canada
    original paintings by contemporary Ojibwe artist Robert Henry,paintings available for sale. Artist also does commission pieces, clans, names, portraits.
    Margaux Allard - White Swallow Woman
    Lakota Canada - Western
    Imagination and self-expression are the extention of the spirit! Margaux Allard welcomes you to her world of personal creations. Pencil, pen & ink, pencil crayon and acrylic paint bring to life the intricate detail and unique style of Margaux's art. Read stories about Margaux's personal experiences of living with a visual impairment and learn about her family history (Lakota/German) via her personal photo album. Send that special someone a free White Swallow Woman virtual greeting card, featuring artwork and photography by Margaux!
    max slöjdare samisk slöjd och konsthantverk
      Europe & Russia
    Saami handicraft and artwork
    Met Native American Artist Jackson Narcomey
    Muscogee US - Southwest
    Award winning Creek/Seminole artist Jackson Narcomey.
    More sites on members.aol.com
    Mikmaq Artist Tom Clair
    Mi'kmaw Canada - Eastern
    A site visually illustrating the beauty and tradition of storytelling and teachings of our Elders, life's journey and on Spirit through paintings. Great links to other sites and artists.
    More sites on ca.geocities.com
    MiLan Metis Healing Art Project - MMHAP
    Metis Canada - Western
    MiLan Metis Healing Art Project - MMHAP Contemporary Metis Art/Accessories
    Mitch Battese
    Potawatomi United States
    Prairie Band Potawatomi artist Mitch Battese. Uses oil on canvas to illustrate Native Spirituality and American Indian concepts.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Mitchell E. Robles is an established artist focusing on abstract expressionist studies, and most recently contemporary southwest American Indian themes. Native to Santa Barbara, California, with Chumash American Indian ancestry and a rich artistic heritage, Robles is well-recognized for his approach, utilizing bold and inventive images and distinctive textural effects.
    Monty Claw
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Navajo, oil and watercolor paintings, peyote fans, and NAC art by Monty Claw, Navajo artist.
    Native Bead Works
    Dakota United States
    Native American beadwork. Variety of beadwork including 3D beadwork for sale. Anything from 3D barrettes to purses can be designed to your liking.
    Navajo Art
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Paintings by Virgil Julis Nez. Virtual gallery, personal reflections.
    Navajo Artist, Nelson Tsosie
    Navajo US - West
    Realist Sculptor/Painter depiction of Navajo way of life through Pastel/Oil Painting and Bronze/Stone Sculpture.
    Nyudindon's Crafts
    Cayuga Canada
    This is the beginning of my website to bring to the world, crafts that i make. Will make and had made, I currently have necklaces made with cow bone and buffalo horn, shaped into eagle talons. Eventually as I make other items will include them into my website.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Ojibway Artist Rene Meshake
    I make videos that bring my art, stories, songs and Ojibwe language to the world. The joining of Ojibwe and English sequences complete the videos as an interpretive narrative. I create a series of paintings or drawings with a premise or theme and then I videotape them to tell a story and sing in Ojibwe. I believe that language is the carrier of the culture; even one word can tell a story. As a result, my audiovisual work reflects Ojibwe oral tradition and heritage.
    Oscar's Originals
    Yupik US - Alaska
    3D Alaska Native Fine Art by Atsaq. Mask carvings and paintings framed and matted.
    Painted Shirt Native Arts & Crafts
    Cree Canada - Western
    Painted Shirt Native Arts and Crafts is a home-based, Native owned and operated business in Edmonton, Alberta. We provide native arts and crafts such as chokers, breast plates, and so much more. We also do custom orders. We offer retail and wholesale creative arts and crafts in our local markets, craft shops, pow wows and trade shows.
    More sites on members.shaw.ca
    Peyote, Pow-wow, Macaw feather fans by Patrick Scott
    Navajo United States
    This website is created for people that want to learn about the artist, the product he sells, and about the purpose of why feather fans are put together, from the Native American Indian's perspective. I ask that you respect the people that own these fans, and also to have pride in having those people willing to share their stories with you on the World Wide Web.
    pueblo drums
    Pueblo US - Southwest
    I'm a drum maker from Taos Pueblo and I do a lot of Indian Markets, Santa FE Indian Market, Eight Northern Pueblo, Heard Museum
    Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Sacred Site
      Aotearoa-New Zealand
    We are a Southern Arrernte Aboriginal tribal group whose homelands are situated 100kms south of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Our community operates the award winning Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre in Alice Springs. Visit our unique Aboriginal Art Gallery or learn to play the Didgeridoo.
    More sites on aboriginalart.com.au
    Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls
    Arapaho US - West
    Award Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls. Donna Shakespeare-Cummings is an award winning full-blood Arapaho Artist who is in the Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM. Here Native American Dolls are a "one-of-a-kind". Experience the power and rich heritage her dolls represent.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Ringo Fiddler
    Ojibwe Canada
    Here is some of my artwork that I like to display on the site. Most of my work is done on paper, canvas, plywood, paddles and rocks. Thank you!
    Roy Henry Vickers
    Tsimshian Canada - Western
    Sam Sandoval's World of Wonder
    Salish US - Northwest
    Salish and Navajo artist and writer.
    More sites on www.geocities.com
    Savage art
    Anishinaabe US - Central
    jeff savage is an award winning artist from the fond du lac indian reservation in nothern minnesota you may view his art work at the santa fe indian market or on his web site
    Shamanistic Art of the Arctic
    Tupilak: Mystical creatures and carvings of the Greenlandic eskimo. "a misfortune-bringing creature fashioned in utmost secrecy by someone skilled in sorcery from parts of various animals and humans. It was made alive by the singing of a charm song and grew large by sucking from the sexual organ of its maker. Then it was put in the sea to swim to its victim and do away with him. Possibly the victim himself was skilled in sorcery and so strong that the tupilak instead turned around and killed its maker." (Kaalund)
    SkyHawk's Gallery
    Blackfeet Europe & Russia
    Gallery, biography, resume of Blackfeet/Umatilla painter, sculptor, entertainer and storyteller SkyHawk.
    Star Water
    Pueblo US - Southwest
    Handmade native arts & crafts from Taos Pueblo
    Storyteller's House: The Art of Natasha Smoke Santiago
    Haudenosaunee US - Northeast
    The Storyteller's House features the works of Haudenosaunee artist Natasha Smoke Santiago. Natasha works in many mediums and is inspired by her history, culture and life.
    Talisart Images
    Metis Canada - Western
    Art gallery and related products created by Metis artist Tania Alisa Diotalevi-Hodges and husband.
    Taino Caribbean Islands
    Based on Taino Zemi stone 500 hundred years later after the Conquest, Caribbean artist Roy Lawaetz develops a new art form based on the Zemi stone of the Taino. Called "The Modular Triangular System" it challenges the hegemony of the western rectangle.
    The Singing Fisherman
    Yupik US - Alaska
    Alaska Native Artist selling Alaska Native Arts & Crafts and Music CD's & Cassettes.
    Theresa Reihana, artist
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    Theresa Reihana is a Maori artist whose painting style ranges from traditional to contemporary. She has 5 children and lives in the Taitokerau ( North ) of Aotearoa, New Zealand.
    Todd Westika's Page
    Zuni US - Southwest
    Zuni fetish carver, Todd Westika talks about his work. Links to Angie Westika's page of handmade boxes and pottery
    Traditionally Modern
    Traditionally Modern- Jewelry Styles of today along with native jewelry and craft.
    Warsoldier Artworks
    Apache US - West
    Bill Soza Warsoldier (Soboba Band of Cahuilla Indians/White Mountain Apache) is one of the primary catalysts for a change which would make all of us "never look at Indian Art the same way again."
    Wilkerson Art
    Gitxsan Canada - Western
    Gitxsan Artist - Prints, Paintings and Carvings.
    Mohawk Canada
    Hand Drawings & Web Creations
    Anishinaabe Canada - Eastern
    Paintings by Anishnabe artist Charlene Vickers. Images that explore dreams and memories of childhood with her birth family and her non- Native adoptive family. Colourful renderings on bedsheets, copper and canvas.
    Kuna America - Central
    Kuna visual artist
    Yoruba & Akha Art
    Akha Africa
    Welcome to Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire, an experimental on-line catalog of an exhibit first presented at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois in 1994.
    YupikMask: Alaskan Native Fine Art
    Yupik US - Northwest
    Featuring the art and music of award-winning Alaskan Native Yup'ik artist and musician Phillip John "Aarnaquq" Charette. Phillip is an established Native American artist of Alaskan Yup'ik descent. His work is a contemporary rendition of traditional authentic Yup'ik masks.

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