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    Anticipating Ethnic Conflict
      United States
    This document is the final product of a RAND Institute project entitled "Ethnic Conflict and the Processes of State Breakdown: Improving Army Planning and Preparation."
    RAND Genealogy Club
    Welcome to the RAND Genealogy Club, a group of RAND employees who share the hobby of tracing our family trees. We provide this page to share information about genealogical resources we've found available on the "information highway." Some of you have asked about joining the RGC. This club is simply a forum for RAND employees to discuss genealogy. Everyone, however, is welcome to submit information to the Roots Location List and Roots Surname List.
    The Zapatista
      United States
    The information revolution is leading to the rise of network forms of organization, whereby small, previously isolated groups can communicate, link up, and conduct coordinated joint actions as never before. A RAND Institute report views the Zapatista movement in Mexico as a seminal case of "social netwar."

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