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    A.N.N.A Foundation
    Assembly for Northern Native Americans, an International fund in memory of the late Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash.
    Agard Family Quilts-Native American Made
    Lakota US - Central
    Native American Made Star Quilts from Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. Four members of the Agard family make the star quilts. We are all enrolled members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Our Grandmother, who is 89 years old, still sews everyday and is our inspiration for for this craft.
    Alaskan Native Arts & Crafts
      US - Alaska
    All of our products are hand made by the artists of Toksook Bay.
    American Indian Movement of Florida
    Lakota US - Southeast
    Official web site of the state chapter of the American Indian Movement
    AnnieBee's Bead Place
    With links to some of the bead-related places I have discovered. I have been making jewelry since the 1960's. I have worked with paper, wood, leather, shells, polymer clay, wire, beads, chain & just about anything else I can incorporate into earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pins, wallhangings & dreamcatchers. Peyote Stitch, loom beading, as well as the Comanche stitch & square stitch techniques. A place to meet other bead artists, exchange ideas, tips & learn.
    Archie Cheechoo's first CD relaease!!
    Cree Canada
    This site has information and samples from Archie Cheechoo's first CD release, Child of the North. It is original music, and has a country-western flavor with pop and folk overtones. Archies draws upon his Native American life experiences for his inspiration. One of the tracks is in Cree, the rest English.
    Clan/destine/Rezdawgs: Native American Rock & Roll
    Hopi United States
    Appearances, Fan Club,CD's, Photos and much more about the Native American Rock band Clan/destine presented by Rezdawgs. " A Mystical Journey of Traditional Native American and Contemporary Music and Dance"
    Creations by Native American Artist David A. Montour
    Sculptor, flute carver, painter and musician…A young man of numerous talents, this vibrant Native American began to nurture his creative talents at a young age, growing up in New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana. His mother is a member of the Potawatomi and Ottawa people. His father is a member of the Mohawk and Cayuga people.
    First American Forefathers - Native American Photo Puzzle
    Click on the piece of the puzzle you want to move and then click on the place you want to put it.
    Halau O Ka Lama
      US - Hawaii
    A native Hawaiian Web resource on native Hawaiian culture, including subjects on Hawaiian History, Language, Genealogy, Astronomy, Sovereignty, Religion and Values.
    I Ofisiat Na Website Para I Nasion Chamoru
    The mission of the Nasion Chamoru is to pursue the rights and liberties of all Chamorus from Guahan, Guam, and to ensure a future for our children.
    Instructions for the Five Strand Braid
    From Anita Cheek Moon - Primitive Persuits
    Met Native American Artist Jackson Narcomey
    Muscogee US - Southwest
    Award winning Creek/Seminole artist Jackson Narcomey.
    Native American Art by Red Earth Crow
    Cherokee US - Central
    Art Gallery of Native American Expressions. Works inspired by listening to the spirits and Mother Earth. Welcome all. RdErthCrow@aol.com
    Native American Genealogy
    links to a variety of genealogy sources, including CD's of historical tribal rolls
    Native Sisters Wichita, KS
      US - Central
    We are an Organization of Native Women who are supporting the social and economic growth of the Native American community at the Mid-American All Indian Center in Wichita KS the site lists Community events through the center and also has a Native graphics page.
    Oya's Daughters
    Ponkpapoag Tribal Council
      US - Northeast
    We would like to pursue several claims against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to retrieve lands stolen from us. There are two locations currently under consideration, the 6000 acres named Ponkapoag lands in the Blue Hills area and the 16 square miles centered at the conjunction of Summer St and the Taunton River at the Bridgewater - Middleboro town lines.
    PrettyMoons Cherokee Page
    RuninFox's Home Page
    Russell Means is a natural leader. His fearless dedication and indestructible sense of pride are qualities admired by nations worldwide. His vision is for indigenous people to be free... Free to be human, free to travel, free to stop, free to trade where they choose, free to choose their own teachers ~ free to follow the religion of their fathers, free to talk, think and act for themselves and then they will obey every law or submit to the penalty.
    Strat43z's Tri Racial Genealogy Page
    A Question of Race. Native American, White, Black? These are the questions that this site tries to pursue. Tri Racial is a very limiting label, but when the predominant ancestry are these three origins, (given white is not an actual race), it can be a perplexing and almost impossible journey to research. Mix in the Melungeon, Roma and Gypsy mysteries, this only adds to the fuel that fires my passion to get to the truth, no matter how many answers I may find.
    Tan Americans of Natirah Ancestry
    The Tan community and the Natirah Heritage Council (NHC) are proud to announce that Natirah, a new ethnic term derived acronymically from Native Tan Inter-Racial American Humankind, was adopted in 1992 as a replacement designation for the outdated Mulatto term. Natirah, an "identity of reconstruction", is now the official designation for the ancestry of native hybrids of color, a people previously known as Mulattoes (Quadroons, Octoroons, Mestizoes and Triracials).
    The Indigenous Circle
      United States
    Thomas V. Baker - Hidatsa & Mandan Novelist & Poet
    Venezuela Tambor y Canto
      America - South
    Aunque el estudio de la música Afroamericana comenzara a principios de siglo en el norte del continente, el interés por la Afro-Latinoamericana es más reciente. Hoy, la música negra venezolana goza de un nuevo periodo de interés; se funde con otras influencias é instrumentos, produciendo músicas mestizas dentro y fuera de Venezuela.
    Welcome to my Cyber Reservation
    Wild West Weaver
      US - Northeast
    I have a web site, mail order and studio shop business selling Navajo weaving supplies including Navajo handmade weaving tools and handmade Navajo folk art and jewelry. 100% of my jewelry is either Navajo, Zuni, Hopi or Lakota handmade. I also have Zuni and Navajo handmade fetishes, Navajo pottery and dolls and music and books featuring Navajo weaving and history. Thank you. Leslie S. Jackson
    Yasuni National Park Expedition, Ecuador 1999
      America - South
    The web site of the Yasuni National Park Expedition, Ecuador 1999. This research group from Royal Holloway, University of London, worked with the Huaorani of the Rio Shiripuno in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were working with them to study issues surrounding possible increases in tourism in their communities, as well as documenting the changing aspects of their culture. Site is in English and Spanish

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