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    All selections are linked directly to Amazon.com Bookstore so that you may purchase them online at a discount. For everything you buy from Amazon.com, NativeWeb gets a small fee, which helps us maintain and upgrade our community services. NOTE: clicking on a title will open another browser window.

    Our initial effort involves books mainly from North America, but we welcome suggestions about books on other Native and Indigenous peoples. If you have comments or want to suggest additions, corrections, or deletions, please contact us

    Resources: 44 listings
    Name and Description  
    The Feathered Heart : Poetry & Art
    by Mark Turcotte
    Paperback (May 1995) March Abrazo; ISBN: 1877636126
    A Breeze Swept Through
    by Luci Tapahonso
    Paperback (October 1987) University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 0931122457
    American Indian Poetry : An Anthology of Songs and Chants
    by George W. Cronyn (Editor), Kenneth Lincoln (Designer)
    Paperback - 294 pages Reprint edition (September 1991) Fawcett Books; ISBN: 0449906701
    Ants and Orioles : Showing the Art of Pima Poetry
    by Donald M. Bahr, Lloyd Paul (Contributor), Vincent Joseph (Contributor)
    Hardcover (December 1997) Univ of Utah Pr (Txt); ISBN: 087480549X
    Blue Horses Rush in : Poems and Stories (Sun Tracks , Vol 34)
    by Luci Tapahonso
    Paperback - 120 pages (July 1997) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816517282
    Bone Dance : New and Selected Poems 1965-1993 (Sun Tracks, Vol 27)
    by Wendy Rose
    Paperback - 108 pages (February 1994) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816514283
    Chasers of the Sun
    by Louis Littlecoon Oliver (Muskegee/Creek)
    Paperback (June 1990) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678704
    Cheyenne Sketchbook : Selected Poems 1970-1991
    by Lance Henson
    Paperback - 47 pages (February 1994) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678623
    Dog Road Woman : Poems
    by Allison Hedge Coke
    Paperback - 96 pages (April 1997) Coffeehouse Pr; ISBN: 1566890616
    First Indian on the Moon
    by Sherman Alexie
    Paperback (December 1993) Hanging Loose Pr; ISBN: 1882413024
    Full Moon on the Reservation
    by Gloria Bird
    Paperback (March 1994) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678860
    Going to War With All My Relations : New and Selected Poems
    by Wendy Rose
    Paperback 1st edition (February 1993) Northland Pub; ISBN: 0873585569
    In Mad Love and War (Wesleyan Poetry)
    by Joy Harjo
    Paperback - 65 pages 1st Ed. edition (April 1990) Wesleyan Univ Pr; ISBN: 081951182X
    Iron Woman
    by Diane H. Glancy
    Paperback - 62 pages (February 1991) New Rivers Pr; ISBN: 0898231280
    Lost Copper
    by Wendy Rose
    Paperback (February 1992) Malki Museum Pr; ISBN: 0939046350
    Luminaries of the Humble (Sun Tracks, Vol 30)
    by Elizabeth Woody
    Paperback - 127 pages (September 1994) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816514658
    Night Perimeter New and Selected Poems 1958 - 1990
    by Carroll Arnett (Cherokee)
    Paperback (February 1992) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 091267881X
    Now Poof She Is Gone : Poetry
    by Wendy Rose
    Paperback - 104 pages (October 1994) Firebrand Books; ISBN: 1563410486
    Ocean Power : Poems from the Desert (Sun Tracks : An American Indian Literary Series, Vol 32)
    by Ofelia Zepeda
    Paperback - 96 pages (April 1995) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816515417
    Old Shirts & New Skins (Native American, No 9)
    by Sherman Alexie, Elizabeth Woody (Illustrator)
    Paperback (January 1993) Amer Indian Studies Center; ISBN: 0935626360
    One Age in a Dream : Poems
    by Wmilie Buchwald (Editor), Diane H. Glancy
    Paperback - 98 pages (November 1986) Milkweed Editions; ISBN: 0915943204
    Red Clay : Poems and Stories
    by Linda Hogan
    Paperback - 96 pages (February 1994) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678836
    Red Clay : Poems and Stories
    by Linda Hogan
    Paperback - 96 pages (February 1994) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678836
    Saanii Dahataal : The Women Are Singing : Poems and Stories (Sun Tracks, Vol 23)
    by Luci Tapahonso
    Paperback - 96 pages (February 1993) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816513619
    by Linda Hogan
    Paperback - 74 pages (July 1988) Coffeehouse Pr; ISBN: 0918273412
    Secrets from the Center of the World (Sun Tracks, Vol 17)
    by Joy Harjo, Stephen Strom (Contributor)
    Paperback - 75 pages (September 1989) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816511136
    Seven Hands Seven Hearts
    by Elizabeth Woody, Juane Quick-To-See Smith (Illustrator)
    Paperback - 127 pages (September 1994) Eighth Mountain Pr; ISBN: 0933377304
    She Had Some Horses
    by Joy Harjo
    Paperback - 80 pages 2 edition (June 1997) Thunder's Mouth Pr; ISBN: 1560251190
    Sitting by His Bones
    by James Don Bluewolf
    Paperback(May 1999) Earthen Vessel Production; ISBN: 1887400230
    Songs for Discharming
    by Denise Sweet
    Paperback - 64 pages (July 1997) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 091267895X
    Songs from This Earth on Turtle's Back : An Anthology of Poetry by American Indian Writers
    by Joseph Bruchac (Editor)
    Paperback - 304 pages (December 1983) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678585
    Summer in the Spring : Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories
    by Gerald Vizenor (Chippewa, Editor)
    Paperback - 165 pages (March 1993) Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0806125187
    The Book of Medicines : Poems
    by Linda Hogan
    Paperback - 87 pages (August 1993) Coffeehouse Pr; ISBN: 1566890101
    The Business of Fancydancing : Stories and Poems
    by Sherman Alexie
    Paperback 1st edition (May 1992) Hanging Loose Pr; ISBN: 0914610007
    The Feathered Heart (Native American Series (Michigan State University Press)
    by Mark Turcotte
    Paperback - 75 pages Rev&Exp edition (July 1998) Michigan State Univ Pr; ISBN: 0870134825
    The Halfbreed Chronicles and Other Poems
    by Wendy Rose
    Paperback (January 1986) University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 0931122392
    The Spiral of Memory : Interviews (Poets on Poetry)
    by Joy Harjo, Laura Coltelli (Editor)
    Paperback - 152 pages (January 1996) Univ of Michigan Pr; ISBN: 0472065815
    The Summer of Black Widows
    by Sherman Alexie
    Paperback (June 1996) Hanging Loose Pr; ISBN: 1882413342
    The Woman Who Fell from the Sky : Poems
    by Joy Harjo
    Paperback (August 1996) W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 039331362X
    Trailing You : Poems
    by Kimberly M. Blaeser (Chippewa)
    Paperback - 80 pages (March 1995) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678887
    Trailing You : Poems
    by Kimberley Blaeser (Chippewa)
    Paperback - 80 pages (March 1995) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678887
    Walking the Rez Road
    by Jim Northrup (Chippewa)
    Paperback (October 1995) Voyageur Press; ISBN: 089658321X
    Winter Count Poems
    by Charles G. Ballard (Quapaw), Charles L. Ballard
    Paperback - 88 pages (December 1997) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678968
    Woven Stone (Sun Tracks, Vol. 21)
    by Simon J. Ortiz
    Paperback - 367 pages (November 1992) University of Arizona Press; ISBN: 0816513309

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