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  • Book & Music Center / Books / Folk Tales, Legends & Storytelling

    All selections are linked directly to Amazon.com Bookstore so that you may purchase them online at a discount. For everything you buy from Amazon.com, NativeWeb gets a small fee, which helps us maintain and upgrade our community services. NOTE: clicking on a title will open another browser window.

    Our initial effort involves books mainly from North America, but we welcome suggestions about books on other Native and Indigenous peoples. If you have comments or want to suggest additions, corrections, or deletions, please contact us

    Resources: 40 listings
    Name and Description  
    The Raven and the Totem : Traditional Alaska Native Myths and Tales
    by John Smelcer, Vienneau, Larry, Susie Bevins (Illustrator)
    Paperback 2nd edition (May 1992) Salmon Run Pub; ISBN: 0963400002
    A Mixed Medicine Bag: Original Black Wampanoag Folklore
    by Mwalim Paperback: 156 pages Publisher: Talking Drum Press; 2 edition (February 9, 2007)
    American Indian Myths and Legends
    by Richard Erdoes (Editor), Alfonso Ortiz (Editor)
    Paperback 1 edition (September 1985) Pantheon Books; ISBN: 0394740181
    American Indian Myths and Legends
    by Richard Erdoes
    Turtleback (September 1985) Demco Media; ISBN: 060603711X
    American Indian Trickster Tales
    by Richard Erdoes (Illustrator), Alfonso Ortiz (Editor)
    Hardcover - 352 pages (April 1998) Viking Pr; ISBN: 0670878294
    Boston Mountain Tales : Stories from a Cherokee Family (Frank Waters Memorial Series, Vol 1)
    by Glenn J. Twist (Cherokee)
    Paperback - 152 pages (May 1997) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0878861394
    Catch the Whisper of the Wind : Collected Stories and Proverbs from Native Americans
    by Cheewa James (Modoc)
    Paperback Reprint edition (November 1995) Health Communications; ISBN: 1558743693
    Chasers of the Sun
    by Louis Littlecoon Oliver (Muskogee/Creek)
    Paperback (June 1990) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678704
    Deer Dance : Yaqui Legends of Life
    by Stan Padilla
    Paperback - 112 pages (August 1998) Book Pub Co; ISBN: 1570670579
    Friends of Thunder : Folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees
    by Jack F. Kilpatrick, Anna G. Kikpatrick, Robert J. Conley, Anna G. Kilpatrick
    Paperback - 201 pages (April 1995) Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0806127228
    Gagiwdul.at : Brought Forth to Reconfirm the Legacy of a Taku River Tlingit Clan
    by Elizabeth Nyman (Tlingit)
    Paperback (October 1993) Alaska Native Language Center; ISBN: 1555000487
    Hoksila and the Red Buffalo
    by Moses Nelson Big Crow
    Paperback (December 1991) Tipi Pr; ISBN: 1877976024
    In the Valley of the Ancients : A Book of Native American Legends
    by Lou Cuevas
    Hardcover (February 1997) Southwest Parks & Monuments Association; ISBN: 1877856827
    Lakota and Dakota Animal Wisdom Stories
    by Mark W. McGinnis
    Paperback (July 1994) Tipi Pr; ISBN: 1877976148
    Life With the Little People (Frank Waters Memorial Publication Series , No 3)
    by Robert J. Perry (Chickasaw), Chester Scott (Illustrator)
    Paperback - 100 pages (July 1998) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678984
    Mother Earth, Father Sky : Native American Myth (Myth & Mankind , Vol 4, No 20)
    by The Editors of Time-Life Books
    Hardcover (September 1998) Time Life; ISBN: 0705435237
    Mythical Trickster Figures : Contours, Contexts, and Criticisms
    by William J. Hynes (Editor), William G. Doty (Editor), Carmin D. Ross-Murray (Editor)
    Paperback - 280 pages (January 1997) Univ of Alabama Pr (Txt); ISBN: 0817308571
    Native American Animal Stories
    by Joseph Bruchac, Michael J. Caduto, John K. Fadden (Illustrator), Vine Deloria (Designer)
    Paperback - 135 pages (September 1992) Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555911277
    Native American Stories
    by Joseph Bruchac, John Hakionhes Fadden (Illustrator), John Kahionhes Fadden (Illustrator)
    Reading level: Young Adult Paperback - 145 pages (April 1991) Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555910947
    Ojibway Tales
    by Basil Johnston (Ojibway)
    Paperback - 188 pages Reprint edition (October 1993) Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803275781
    One More Story : Contemporary Seneca Tales of the Supernatural (Bowman Books, No. 5)
    by Duwayne Leslie Bowen, Beth Clark (Illustrator)
    Paperback - 64 pages (February 1994) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 091267878X
    Roots of Survival : Native American Storytelling and the Sacred
    by Joseph Bruchac
    Hardcover - 272 pages (November 1996) Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555911455
    Seneca Indian Stories
    by Ha-Yen-Doh-Nees, Leo Cooper (Seneca)
    Paperback - 62 pages (June 1995) Greenfield Review Pr; ISBN: 0912678895
    Synchronicity : Science, Myth, and the Trickster
    by Allan Combs, Mark Holland
    Paperback 2nd edition (October 1995) Marlowe & Co; ISBN: 1569248451
    Tales of Native America (Myths of the World)
    by Edward W. Huffstetler, Edward W. Huffstatler
    Hardcover - 112 pages (May 1996) Michael Friedman/Fairfax Publishing; ISBN: 1567992854
    Tales of the Bark Lodges (Banner Books)
    by Bertrand N.O Walker(Wyandot), Daniel F. Littlefield (Introduction), James W. Parins
    Paperback - 130 pages (July 1995) Univ Pr of Mississippi (Trd); ISBN: 0878057951
    Telling Stories the Kiowa Way
    by Gus Palmer
    Paperback: 145 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 8.00 x 6.12
    University of Arizona Press; (April 2003)
    The Grandfathers Speak (Native American Folk Tales of the Lenape People)
    by Hitakonanulaxk (Lenape)
    Paperback - 160 pages (March 1994) Interlink Pub Group; ISBN: 1566561280
    The Mythology of Native North America
    by David Adams Leeming, Jake Page
    Hardcover - 224 pages (April 1998) Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0806130121
    The Raven Steals the Light
    by William Reid, Robert Bringhurst
    Paperback - 109 pages 2nd edition (April 1996) University of Washington Press; ISBN: 0295975245
    The Sun Horse : Native Visions of the New World
    by Gerald Hausman, Charles Dailey
    Paperback - 142 pages (January 1995) Lotus Light Publications; ISBN: 091495508X
    The Trickster and the Troll
    by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (Lakota)
    Hardcover - 104 pages (August 1997) Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803242611
    The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative
    by Thomas King
    Paperback: 184 pages
    Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press (June 13, 2008)
    They Dance in the Sky : Native American Star Myths
    by Jean Guard Monroe, Ray A. Williamson (Contributor), Jean Guard
    Hardcover - 130 pages (April 1987) Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 039539970X
    Trickster Makes This World : Mischief, Myth and Art
    by Lewis Hyde
    Hardcover - 384 pages 1 Ed edition (January 1998) Farrar Straus & Giroux; ISBN: 0374279284
    Tsonakwa and Ylaikia : Legends in Stone, Bone and Wood
    by Linda Crawford, Jo West (Editor)
    Paperback (July 1986) Arts & Learning Services Foundation; ISBN: 093854103X
    Way to Rainy Mountain
    by N. Scott Momaday, Scott N. Momaday, Al Momaday (Illustrator)
    Paperback (February 1977) University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 0826304362
    When Beaver Was Very Great : Stories to Live by
    by Anne M. Dunn (Ojibwe), White Sharon (Illustrator)
    Paperback - 223 pages (January 1996) Midwest Traditions; ISBN: 1883953073
    Who Speaks for Wolf: A Native American Learning Story
    by Paula Underwood (Seneca), Frank Howell (Illustrator)
    Paperback 2nd Rev edition (May 1991) Learning Way Co; ISBN: 1879678012
    Wigwam Evenings : Sioux Folk Tales Retold
    by Charles A. Eastman, Elaine Goodale Eastman
    Paperback - 253 pages (September 1990) Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803267177

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